Having done a few junior programs with Angloville last year and totally loved it, I decided to take on the challenge and participate in their adult programs. So in January this year, 2017, I joined an adult program in Wroclaw and was totally mesmerized.

One day before the program, we had a free guided city tour including lunch organized by Angloville, it was kind of a meet your fellow Anglos and getting to know the city.

It was still cold and most things were still in white, even the lakes were frozen but the views were still beautiful and we managed to hunt down most of Wroclaw’s Dwarfs.

The next day we set off to our program destination, which was 3 hours away from the city. When we arrived at Chojnik, the road were covered with snows and the bus was not able to drive uphill, so we had to walk the last bit to the hotel with our luggage.

The first thing we did was to have our lunch and it was chicken leg, one of my favorites, Polish food is totally my cup of tea. There was dessert for every lunch too, yummy.

Then we did our check ins and usually we had to share room but this time I was lucky to share a room with 2 compartments and a wall in between so it was like having a room to myself.

Before starting the program, we had a meeting with our coordinator Liam. We shared views on how we should talk to the participants, the speed and when to correct them.

After which we had our first ice breaker session with the Polish participants. They seemed to be both excited and nervous, well I think we Anglos were also a little nervous too especially for those first timers like myself, or maybe it was just me.

The follow days, things got better and more serious, we had our one to one sessions and some group activities where the Polish participants get their chance to present something in groups and in English.

One to one sessions were my all time favorite, they were well planned and never boring as we were given topics to talk about and idioms or commonly used phrases to explain to the participant, I enjoyed this.

There were also other interesting sessions like the telephone, negotiation and debate sessions where the participants could practice their English skills in a different way. These really help to make the program more diverse and fun.

Similarly, the final highlight will be their solo 5 – 10 minutes presentation in English. Some of them were pretty amazing, some were nervous but all of them did well and we could really see an improvement in comparison to their first day.

What really touches me most was during the closing ceremony where the participants received their certificate of completion. At the same time, the Polish participants bought us Anglos some gifts in return for our favor in helping them throughout the week.

It really feels good when someone appreciates what you did for them. This kind gesture really touches me, so I decided to participate in more programs to help more people who want to improve their English.

I guess this is the best way to contribute my effort for the community too. You can do the same too.

If you every wonder who am I, I’m Danick from Singapore, currently traveling in Europe to experience the difference in culture and tasting traditional food. With Angloville, I met many great people and also tasted many delicious Polish cuisines.