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How to finalize your application file?

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We are glad to have you on board! We are about to process all the bookings for you (room, meals, and transport) and confirm your participation in our programme. In order to finalize your application file and get our Angloville travel sponsorship, we need you to complete the following steps within the next 5-14 days.

STEP 1: Send us your travel details

We need a plane, bus, or train ticket to the departure city: Let us know your travel details within this week. We strongly suggest that you purchase flexible tickets so that you can easily change your dates and flights if necessary. Also, specify the airline company and the flight number. We can recommend international and local travel companies to help you to book your flight, train or/and bus tickets.

We recommend arriving in the departure city 1 day before the programme starts so that you can have some rest and also join our free city tour on Saturday. Departure to the venue will occur on the first day of the programme, early in the morning. The group will travel together on our Angloville Bus, and the venue may be located 1-4 hours away. You have the option to book your return ticket for the last day of the programme, but please ensure that your flight from the departure city is no earlier than 23:00.

Typically, participants prefer to book their return flight ticket for the day after the programme, allowing them to have proper rest before their journey back home. >>> Angloville makes traveling easy for you! Read the full Travel Manual here.  

STEP 2: Send us a copy of your valid passport

We need a copy of your ID or passport: take and send us a clear scanned copy or photograph of your ID documents.

Please note that this document will be sent to the venue(s) where you will be staying to proceed with the pre-check-in process.

Additionally, a copy of your passport may be used to confirm your identity during the verification of official documents, such as your clear criminal record check.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act, you have the right to redact any information on your documents that is not necessary for Angloville and/or local law requirements.

STEP 3: Accept the Programme Compliance Agreement

The Angloville programme compliance agreement informs participants about important house rules and applicable local law as we maintain the highest standards of operational programme delivery and educational conduct and compliance.

By carefully reviewing and accepting this agreement, you are required to adhere to all the Angloville programme rules and regulations.

Once you approved Programme Compliance Agreement, you will receive a confirmation email to acknowledge your acceptance.

> Read and accept the Programme Compliance Agreement here.

STEP 4: Send us a criminal record check

If you are joining a Kids, Junior, Family and/or International programme(s), we also need: a clear criminal record check (enhanced version): due to the nature of our programme, i.e. interacting with minors, Angloville cannot accept participants without proof of a clear criminal record check in English.

If you don’t have this document ready, please order it today as the application process might take up to 15 days. 

What do you have to do?

> STEP 1: Please complete the Country Residency History statement online.

> STEP 2: Order your criminal record check:


  • The document must be a comprehensive background check and confirm that you are not barred from working with children, include a check against the sex offender list, and be issued within the last six months from the date of your application.
  • The admin fee of the record check will be covered by you.
  • A proof of criminal record check is not required if you are attending Adult Programme only but, in case of any concerns, a criminal record check can be sought in accordance with our terms and conditions.
  • 2024 UPDATE: In Poland, local regulations require a very strict criminal record check protocol since February 15. To maintain the highest standards of safety and trust, local authorities require all applicants joining a programme involving underage Polish participants to provide a comprehensive country residency history for the last 20 years and a criminal record check for all these countries. This new measure includes all junior and family programmes in Poland, including adult family programmes, Malta international programmes, UK international programmes, and all Eurotrips.



Angloville lightens your workload by processing your DBS application through a fast-track process. You can quickly order your enhanced DBS check in our online shop.



Angloville assists in obtaining the highest level of background check, which includes a comprehensive criminal background search involving SSN Trace & Address History Search, Nationwide Criminal Database Search, 50-State Sex Offender Registry Search, Global Terrorist Watch Lists Search, and all Counties Criminal Record Search. You can easily order your background check through our online shop.


Angloville has identified some organizations that may assist you in obtaining your criminal background check quickly. However, please note that Angloville does not take responsibility for the quality of their service. Please use your own judgment.

Important: Please ensure that the criminal record check you provided has been issued within the last six months. Angloville requires the most up-to-date version of your criminal record.


Do you have questions?  💬 Chat directly with us here.

STEP 5: Take the Know-How Training & Quizz

We have prepared a Know-How Training & Quiz to enhance your participation. You can access the training materials here, and you can take the test here.

These resources will provide valuable insights into Angloville and the expectations we have for our participants. Our training will provide you with useful tips for your journey with Angloville, as well as a solid understanding of best practices during the conversation sessions, the importance of adhering to the Angloville Code of Conduct, and the house rules at our venues.


Please note that these online training and quizzes are mandatory to complete before your participation. Failure to complete them may affect the refund of your security deposit.

NOTE: To ensure eligibility for our Travel Sponsorship, pre-booking of your spot(s), and participation in our program(s), all the mentioned documents above must be submitted within 5-14 days after paying your deposit. Failure to do so may result in Angloville reserving the right to suspend or cancel your application without any compensation for the security deposit received. For high-demand programs like Malta, Italy, UK, or Eurotrips, or for last-minute opportunities in programs starting within 45 days, the deadline may be reduced to 3 days.

Mandatory insurances

Be aware that Health and Travel insurance is mandatory as laid out in our terms and conditions which you agreed to when you first applied. 


HEALTH. You fully assume all risks to person and property in connection with your participation, including, but not limited to, travel delays, property damage and loss, bodily injury, sickness, disease and death. You are in sufficient physical and mental health to participate in the Programme, and do not have any physical or mental conditions which could affect your ability to participate in the Programme. You have or shall have medical insurance coverage appropriate for your participation. Angloville shall not provide any insurance for you in connection with your participation in the Activity. We stress that Angloville does not cover any of the medical expenses before, during or after the programmes you participate in.


TRAVEL. Travel insurance intends to cover medical expenses, trip cancellation, lost luggage, flight accident and other losses incurred while traveling abroad. It can generally be arranged at the time of the booking of your trip. Note that some credit card issuers offer automatic travel insurance if travel arrangements are paid for using their credit cards. There are many travel insurance policies available in the market place. In case of a cancelation, Angloville won’t be held responsible for a refund of any kind. 

Warning: Document Forgery

Please be aware that forging any legal documents required by Angloville, including but not limited to passports, flight tickets, or criminal record checks, is strictly prohibited and constitutes a serious offense. Engaging in such activities can lead to severe legal consequences and the immediate termination of your participation in any Angloville programmes. We strongly advise all participants to provide genuine and accurate documentation when applying.


Do you have questions?  💬 Chat directly with us here.

As per Data Protection Act, you are allowed to hide the information on your documents that are not required by Angloville and/or local laws. Your personal data are processed fairly and lawfully, according to specified and lawful purposes in the country you will be staying in (local regulations and child protection laws)

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