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Angloville is a great way to travel ethically!

Angloville is a great way to travel ethically!

Have you considered ethical travel?

You may be thinking what does that even mean? Although it sounds like a buzzword, it is becoming more popular, especially with those who are more conscious about how they impact the world around them as they move from one place to another.



So, what is ethical travel?
It means thinking about the result of your actions as a tourist on the local people and community, in a way that causes the least harm and negative consequences.
What’s really important to us at Angloville is how we promote this in our work through our ethical values. Our cultural exchange programmes are all about learning and sharing with people around the world. The emphasis is on fostering local and international connections where participants are encouraged to talk in English while sharing their country and cultures.
The values Angloville is guided by are we want to change how the world travels and learns languages by creating citizens of the world. Also, we want to show the innovative face of Poland to the world, breaking barriers and helping others to discover Poland and Central Europe.



At Angloville we are proud of our corporate responsibilities by supporting the local community and charity events for example in 2019, we participated in the “Szlachetna Paczka” where we helped two disadvantaged families. In 2020, we raised funds for a local animal shelter in Kielce, Poland and in 2021, we raised a Christmas collection for patients at the Children’s Psychiatric Ward. Finally, on 3rd September 2023, we took part in a charity run in the Poland Business Run. We will continue with our local efforts to support local communities and businesses and hope to take on impactful initiatives that enrich the lives that we touch.



Everything we do is about people and connections, with a heavy focus on diversity. It is important for our local participants to experience the wider world as much as possible, where we welcome people from all walks of life, regardless of age, background or culture. We want participants to walk away with an enriching experience where they’ll learn and take something from it that is not only educational but life-changing and transformative in the way they interact with the wider world and people from other countries.



Another way we serve local communities is by partnering with local businesses for accommodation and activities that are often family-run small businesses. Again, this is close to our values as we value the growth of small businesses and helping local communities, especially as our venues are located in discreet beautiful locations that the average traveller wouldn’t necessarily stumble across themselves. There is an added element of pride in the food that is served at our hotels as the dishes served are locally sourced and common to the region. This brings a personal touch to experience local culture and cuisine enhancing the promotion of the region.



A recent Angloville participant shared his thoughts on the programme:

“If you’re thinking about Angloville, I highly highly recommend it. It’s a great experience and have nothing but good things to say about it. If you’re looking to do a great cultural immersion in another country, you’re going to meet some fantastic locals who will tell you all about the culture, and the history of their cities, their country and Poland is just absolutely beautiful.” (Mark USA)

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