Ameliówka Spa Resort

A beautiful hotel in the Świętokrzyskie Mountains. It is tucked away in nature where you can sit, relax and enjoy the natural surroundings.

Avangarda Spa Resort

A great spot in Poland for rest, relaxation and regeneration. It’s in the vicinity of beautiful mixed forests and bathing areas.

Bachledówka Spa Resort

The most beautiful spa resort in Poland as it’s nestled on top of the Tatry Mountains.

Chojnik Hotel & Restaurant

Tucked away in beautiful countryside, surrounded by forests and mountains, this charming hotel is a haven of tranquillity and relaxation.

Dobczyce ***

The perfect place on the Jałowcowa Mountain with a panoramic view of the Dobczyce Reservoir.

Dwór Pomorski***

A splendid Polish resort full of unique historic charm from the early 20th Century. Soak in the character and connect with nature as it’s located on a lake.

Hi-Fi Spa Resort

It is an ideal relaxation retreat with exceptional spa facilities, perfect for sitting back and taking time to pamper your body and soul.

Korona Spa Resort

A boutique hotel with a fantastic spa and wellness centre, soak in blissful moments in the immediate vicinity of pine forests.

Kuklowka Conference ***

An impressive hotel full of comfort, modernity and style covered by a lush forest, meadows and a picturesque stream. 

Wityng Spa & Golf Resort

A stunning 19th-century Polish palace with added special touches with it’s own marina, a beach and a 9-hole golf course.

Limba Grand Spa Resort ***

A splendid stay near the famous Zakopane region in the heart of the Tatra Mountains, with a unique touch of Highlander traditions.

Lipowy Most Golf & Spa ***

One of our most popular venues is a classy mansion lodged on a beautiful Golf course.

Magiczny Zakątek Hotel ***

A wonderfully located hotel in a picturesque and secluded corner at the foot of the St. Anne Mountain Landscape Park.

Niegocin Resort ***

A breathtaking resort stay that sits right on Lake Niegocin in North Poland, you’ll enjoy the incredible views and boats on the private marina.

Osada 49 Golf & Restaurant

An intimate picturesque setting of greenery and pine forests on a golf course away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Osada Danków***

A historic and unique impressive hotel stay full of character and charm. A discreet setting in contact with nature and blissful silence.

Pałac Pakosław

An English 18th-century mansion adding historic charm to the Polish countryside. 

Hotel Paradiso & Spa

A tranquil retreat located in the picturesque surroundings of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains.

Hot Wawrzyniak ***

A relaxing atmosphere in a picturesque region that provides silence, calmness and fresh air.

Dwór Droblin ***

Dwor Droblin is a charming historic manor located in the heart of Droblin village in Poland.

Willa Tatry ***

A traditional Polish-style lodge perched along the famous Tatra Mountains, with rooms that have a view of the mountain peaks.

Fero Lux ***

The magnificent Hotel Fero Lux is located in the heart of the Beskid Żywiecki mountain near the Slovakian border.

Pałac Rymań ***

The palace is an 18th century historic hotel that has been restored and expanded to give a contemporary comfortable

Pałac Rybokarty ***

Set in north-western Poland, is a 18th-century palace on the edge of the reserve, among small hills.


Agriturismo I Conti​

A charming farmhouse tucked away in the gentle embrace of the rolling hills of Pesaro-Urbino within the Marche region of Italy.

Fattoria Didattica Aquilone

A serene and picturesque setting, ideal for immersing oneself in nature amidst the tranquil embrace of rolling hills

Centro Turistico Valbonella

A sophisticated hotel situated in the midst of the scenic Emilia Romagna countryside, encircled by the breathtaking vistas of the Apennine Mountains.

Agriturismo Monte Due Torri

Rich in history, the venue is built on top of robust Roman cisterns and still boasts its original medieval walls, adding to its unique character.


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