Which Programme is for me?


Angloville Adult

Ideal for 30+ year old volunteers. You will be mentoring adult learners. Most days consist of 1 on 1 conversations with various professionals. Great opportunity to network and learn about the local cultures.


Angloville Junior

Ideal for 18-29 year old volunteers. You will be mentoring teenagers aged 12-19 years old. A lot of games, sports, conversations and fun to be expected!


Angloville Kids

Ideal for 18-29 year old volunteers. You will be mentoring kids aged 7-11 years old. A lot of games, sports, arts and craft workshops, simple conversations and fun to be expected!

What are my Commitments?

During the teaching practice, you will be involved in full immersion Angloville programmes. These are conversation-based programmes during which you will help local students improve their English in a series of 1 on 1 and small group conversations, games and activities. The programs are an intensive intellectual experience, you may end up speaking for up to 12h a day with various people in a laid back setting. But do not worry, over 8000 people go through the experience each year and they love it!
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What will my day consist of?

Schedule & Activities

Typically, a volunteer spends with us from 4 to 8 weeks, combining various 3-11 day programmes into a longer package. Each programme is all about conversing, talking to people and sharing stories. During the whole programme, participants talk on average for around 70 hours. Angloville is a conversation-based event, we do not expect you to teach through books or theory. We will provide materials, but only to help stimulate diverse conversations. By the end of the week you will have many new friends.

We do not limit the format of the conversations and the participants are free to talk about anything they like, while enjoying a stroll, sporting, having a tea or coffee, etc.

Each Angloville venue offers various amenities ranging from indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, a jacuzzi, a sauna, table tennis and pool tables, etc. Enjoying what the venues have to offer is part of what makes Angloville such a unique and fun experience.

angloville schedule(1)

Before the Program

We recommend arriving at least one day before the start of the programme to attend the free city tour. Attendance at the city tour is not mandatory, yet we strongly recommend it. It will give you a chance to learn about the city and country you’re in, and will also give you an early introduction to the English speaking group you’ll be spending your week with. The tour is free as is the lunch at the end of the tour.

The tour usually starts at 12:00 PM and lunch starts at 2:30 PM. Typically, you’re done by around 5:00 PM. Keep in mind your lodging is not covered for the evening after the tour/lunch in Warsaw, Wroclaw, Poznan, Budapest, Bucharest or Prague (depending on where your particular trip departs from). Your free accommodation begins the following day upon arrival at the Angloville venue.

On the first day of the programme, the Angloville Bus leaves the city between 6:00 AM – 11:00 AM depending on the location of the hotel venue. You can check the Angloville venues here. Generally, you should be in the base city at 8:00 AM at the latest on the first day of the programme. Please note that detailed information about the meeting point and exact time of departure will be send to you around 3 weeks before the programme starts.


  • 24-29 January (Chojnik Hotel, dep. from Wrocław)

The Angloville Bus leaves Wrocław city centre at 10:00 AM on the 24th of January, which means you shall get to the venue at around 1:00 PM.

During the Program

A Typical Day on Angloville

The structure of all three types of programs (Angloville, Tandem House, Angloville Junior) is fairly similar.

9.00 – 10.00. Breakfast

Our day starts at the breakfast table. Tables are split evenly with native English and Local Participants.

10.00 – 13.00. One-on-One sessions
Between 10:00 and 13:00 you have three one-on-one sessions. Each time you will be conversing with a different Local Participant. You can talk about topics that interest you both. You’re encouraged to take advantage of the venue and its facilities like the pool, walking trails, etc.

13.00 – 14.00. Group session
Group sessions are a chance for participants from both sides to work in teams toward a common (and fun) goal.

14.00 – 15.00. Lunch
The format is identical to breakfast. For each meal, seats change, enabling everyone to have different conversations with different groups throughout the week.

15.00 – 16.30. Free time
This is a chance for you to relax. Check e-mail, take a nap, play games, use the hotels facilities – anything to unwind and enjoy yourself.

16.30 – 19.30. One-on-One sessions
After break time, there are a few more one-on-one sessions.

19.30 – 21.00. Dinner
The format is identical to breakfast and lunch. Pick a new seat and enjoy your meal!

21.00 – 21.30. Entertainment Hour
FUN time. This is a time for everyone to enjoy themselves after another intensive and rewarding day. Games, comedy sketches, charades, trivia, etc

21.30 – Social Time
After a long day, it never hurts to socialize in a care-free way, without structure. For those who would like, you’re welcome to have a drink, play a game of pool, talk in groups, etc. Likewise, if you’re exhausted, you’re welcome to rest.

Angloville Junior and Tandem House programs consists of respectively two/three-on-one sessions instead of one-on-one. Angloville Junior, additionally, also contains more games and outdoor activities.

One-on-One Sessions

An hour long session during which you will converse with a Local Participant. You can freely pick any topics of the conversation you like. We want this to be a rich learning experience for both sides. For your session you may take a walk, sit in the garden or take a coffee. Every hour the pairs change.

Group activities

Before lunch each day we have a group activity. This is a chance for you to work with a handful of people on a fun and engaging topic each day. The groups are changed daily, as are your goals during the activity.

Entertainment Hour

Entertainment hour is a chance for everyone to laugh and relax. Working together, people participate in different games, comedy sketches, trivia, and other summer-camp styled activities. It’s a fun way to start off the evening after dinner.

After the Program

Arrival Time. Going back to the city centre.

The Angloville Bus leaves the hotel venue at around 2:00 PM on the last day of the programme, which means you shall be back in the city centre late afternoon, between 4:00 pm – 6:00 PM (depending on the location of the hotel venue). You can check the Angloville venues here. You can book your return flight on the last day of the programme but we strongly advise no sooner than 9:00 PM.


  • 24-29 January (Chojnik Hotel, dep. from Wrocław)

The Angloville Bus leaves Chojnik Hotel at 2:00 PM on the 29th of January, which means you shall get to the Wrocław city centre at around 5:00 PM.



    Our participants typically spend 1-3 weeks on various programmes. We will review your application within a few business days


    Upon acceptance, pay a refundable application fee of 69 EUR (59 EUR back, with 10 EUR going to administrative fees), book your flights, your place can only be confirmed then


    1) Organize your criminal record check: typically processed within 3-15 days, can be easily done online. 2) Ask a tutor/employer/person of public trust for a reference (we provide a template). 3) Book your flights. You are ready to spend up to 2 months exploring Europe with new friends!


    Typically, a day before the Program Start Date, there is a free city tour with lunch.


    Meet at the meetup point in start cities on the morning of Day 1, the bus takes the group to the Venue


    During the selected dates at the Venue, meet new international friends, enjoy meaningful conversations and have fun.


    In the evening of the last day, the bus takes the group back to start city


    Meet new people, hear new stories


    After you complete your last program, request a Refundable confirmation fee back within 21 days. We will get it delivered to you next Friday!

Requirements for Applicants:

  • Be 18+ years old
  • Be Native English Speaker 
  • Have completed High School
  • Have appropriate personal qualities (maturity, flexibility, good communication skills etc.)
  • Enjoy talking to people and learning about new cultures
  • Be in good physical and mental health
  • Have a clean police record
  • Have a story to tell; we will ask you to tell us a little more about yourself via an application form
  • Be ready to dedicate 1-8 weeks of your time to immerse yourself in different cultures

Travel Tips & Accommodation Tips:

To arrive to the start city look for good flight deals at Skyscanner.com . Consider budget airlines such as Wizzair, Ryanair or Easyjet.

Budget transport between start cities and within region can be found with

  • Buses: Flixbus, Polskibus, LeoExpress
  • Trains:  Intercity.pl or LeoExpress
  • Blablacar – shared car drives

Budget accommodation before and after programmes can be found on Booking.com, Hostels.com, Hostelworld.com and Airbnb. In your invitation, you will receive info about exact meetup and drop-off points in start cities, we suggest booking accommodation for before and after the programmes nearby. Accommodation during the programme dates (twin rooms with private bathrooms, a small percentage of rooms in certain hotels can occasionally be triple)

Whats’s included in Angloville?

  • Accommodation during the programme dates. Accommodation during the programme dates (twin rooms with private bathrooms, a small percentage of rooms in certain hotels can occasionally be triple)
  • Food during the programme duration
  • Free city tours
  • Transportation from the start city to the Venue and back

What’s not included?

  • Flights and travel costs to start city
  • Accommodation before and after the Programme (if required). Accommodation during the programme dates (twin rooms with private bathrooms, a small percentage of rooms in certain hotels can occasionally be triple)
  • Health & Travel Insurance
  • For Junior and Kids programs, a fee to obtain a criminal record check (typically 20 – 30 EUR) paid to third party eligible institution of your choice, covers you for 1-8 weeks of volunteering!
  • For Junior & Kids and selection of Adult programmes, a fully Refundable confirmation fee of 59 EUR


ALL PROGRAMS: Refundable confirmation fee

We only charge 10 euros for volunteering and administrative fees. However, we do ask for a small Refundable confirmation fee (59 EUR) to confirm your spot for Junior & Kids and selection of Adult programmes as we are booking your board and accommodation (for 1-3 weeks) with external partner hotels during requested programs.

The Refundable confirmation fee for Junior & Kids and Adult programmes is fully refundable upon successful completion of all declared programmes on registration, completion of all activities, adherence to the law and camp regulations, included but not limited to, the health and safety regulations.


To participate in Angloville Junior & Kids programs, all volunteers are required to provide a criminal background check before being able to be fully enrolled. The background check requirement is a key part of the Health & Safety and Youth Protection Policy.  

Please allow sufficient time to acquire the document before departure, processing times may vary depending on your country of origin (typically 3-15 days, but please doublecheck in your country). The document must be issued in English (or with a certified English translation) and within 6 months of your arrival date.

Angloville has identified a few organizations that may help you obtain your criminal background check in a speedy way, yet Angloville bears no responsibility for the quality of service provided, please use your own judgment. The cost is covered by the volunteer.

USA – https://www.sentrylink.com/web/criminal-check.action

Canada – http://www.backcheck.net/criminalrecordchecks.htm

UK – https://www.mygov.scot/basic-disclosure/apply-for-basic-disclosure/

AUS – https://policecheckexpress.com.au/individuals/ 

NZ – https://www.justice.govt.nz/criminal-records/get-your-own/


We will ask you to provide brief references from your tutor, employer, person of public trust (doctor, lawyer, chartered accountant, priest, public school teacher) regarding your eligibility to work with minors. We will provide a template to facilitate the process.

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