How Angloville Works

Angloville makes traveling across Europe fun and affordable

Angloville provides travel sponsorships and unique experiences that facilitate linguistic and cultural exchange programmes in beautiful venues across Europe: Malta, Italy, Poland, etc. These exchanges occur between English speakers and language learners, most of whom are successful professionals or ambitious youth.

Our programme is a mix of casual conversations, workshops, roleplays, games and fun-packed activities – all in English – that allow you to get the most out of your stay and explore the local culture while making friends from all around the world.

What are the benefits?

  • Length: 5-10-day cultural exchange programmes across Europe, with accommodation and full board included!
  • 12+ Destinations: Krakow, Milano, Malta, London, Paris, Berlin, etc. Explore the best of Europe on a budget!
  • All year around: Programmes starting every Sunday, with free transport from the departure city to the venue (and back)!
  • Enjoy: 1:1 & 2:1 conversations, workshops, games, entertainment activities, city tours & excursion etc. Our pogrammes are fun!
  • Certification:Optional TEFL course & training sponsorship. Corrected: Get certified as an ESL teacher in just 3 weeks!
  • Save money: Full board, accomomdation, fun-activities & city tours included FOR FREE!

Receive travel sponsorship, explore Europe and meet people from all across the world.

1. Apply to our travel sponsorship

Apply to Angloville, we will have a short interview over the phone with you and we will pre-select together the destinations & a package of 3 programmes.

2. Book your flight & get ready to travel

Book your travel itinerary and collect your administrative documents, take our online training, and confirm your participation within 3-14 days. You are ready to pack your bags!

3. Congrats, you’re an Angloviller now!

You are an Angloviller now, ready to explore Europe, meet our local students & make new friends, and optionally, become a professional teacher!

What are my commitments?

Your role is simply to participate in conversations and activities entirely in English – no teaching experience is necessary! We don’t conduct formal classroom teaching, nor do we use textbooks. Instead, we create a laidback, real-life environment for practicing English. We have scheduled and structured your day with a balance of educational and fun activities.

However, our programme offers an immersive and intellectually stimulating multicultural experience. You might engage in conversations with diverse individuals for up to twelve hours a day in a relaxed environment. However, fret not – more than 8,000 people undergo this experience each year, and they thoroughly enjoy it!

Important: Angloville is not a volunteering opportunity but a cultural and language exchange between local and international participants

What Will My Day Consist of?

Schedule & Activities

Typically, an international participant spends three weeks with us, combining three different 6 or 10-day programmes in Poland and across Europe. Each programme is all about conversing, getting to know people, and sharing stories. Throughout the programme, participants talk and socialise, on average, for around 70 hours. Angloville is a conversation-based programme; we do not expect you to teach through books or theory. We will provide materials, but only to help stimulate conversations and interactions. Moreover, we have arranged enjoyable activities like games, fun roleplays, workshops, and/or tours for you to make the most of every moment during your day. By the end of the week, you will have made many new friends!

We do not limit the format of the conversations and the participants are free to talk about anything they like while taking a stroll, playing sports, enjoying a tea or coffee, etc.

Each Angloville venue offers various amenities such as indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, jacuzzis, saunas, table tennis and pool tables, walking or cycling trails, etc. Enjoying what the venues have to offer is part of what makes Angloville such a unique and fun experience.




Mentor Meeting


1:1 or 2:1 Session


1:1 or 2:1 Session


Group Activities




Free Time


1:1 or 2:1 Session


1:1 or 2:1 Session


1:1 or 2:1 Session




Entertainment Hour


Social Time

A typical day

Before the Programme

📍 Explore the city with our free city tour on Saturday

We invite you to join our free walking tour in your departure city, which includes places like Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Bologna, Rome, and many more. These tours are scheduled one day before the programme and take place every Saturday. During the winter, the tours start at 14:00, while in the summertime, they begin at 17:00.

During the Programme


The structures of our three main types of programmes (Angloville Adult, Angloville Junior, and Angloville Kids) are quite similar. However, please be aware that the Junior International, Junior Ski, Junior Plus, and Eurotrips programmes may have some variations. For more detailed information, kindly refer to the dedicated webpages for each programme.

After the Programme

🚍 Return to the departure city 

On the last day of the programme, on Firday for Adult programmes, and Saturday for regular Junior programmes, the Angloville group will travel back to the departure city via bus after having lunch. The specific arrival time can vary due to factors such as the distance between the venue and the city, weather conditions, traffic, and group dynamics. Generally, the bus tends to arrive at the departure city before 18:00.

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Taste​ the Angloville Experience

Edward Dales
Edward Dales
An excellent way to meet Polish people and to learn about Polish culture.
Pete mc cluskey
Pete mc cluskey
Just super.
Amanda McAllister
Amanda McAllister
An incredible experience and I would love to go again. I think everyone should experience this opportunity at least once. Made lots of friends all across Europe and the UK. Life long connections :)
Elizabeth Barratt
Elizabeth Barratt
Loved it. Got to meet so many great people and had a really rewarding time

⬆️ Angloville Poland Programmes

Frequently asked questions

✅ Requirements for Applicants

To be eligible for participation in Angloville Winter Programme, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Age requirement: you should be over 18 years old.
  • Educational qualification: Completion of high school.
  • Personal qualities: Possess appropriate personal qualities such as maturity, flexibility, etc. Ability to handle challenges and cope with challenges, along with good communication skills and cultural sensitivity.
  • Diverse hobbies and interests: Have a range of hobbies and interests.
  • Good physical health & mental health: Maintain good physical health and have no diagnosed mental conditions.
  • Clean police record: You must have a clean police record, and you might be required to provide documentation of this record if necessary, which should be dated within the past six months.
  • Story to share and interest in cultural exchange: Be prepared to provide information about yourself through an application form, including your story. Show a true interest in meeting new people and learning about different cultures.
  • Required documentation: Possess or be in a position to obtain all necessary documentation (passport, DBS/police clearance, letter of reference, insurance) and visas required for travel to program destinations. Angloville does not provide visa support.
  • Sufficient funds: Have enough funds to cover travel, accommodation, and board expenses before, between, and after the programme.
  • Consumption of alcohol or illicit substances are not permitted during the programme.


Admission fee & Deposit 

Angloville provides sponsored travel opportunities that include: free accommodation & full board (shared rooms, three meals per day), transportation to and from the city, engaging educational and recreational activities, city tours, a ski pass with gear rental, TEFL online course & certificate (optional) invaluable hands-on teaching experience, and more.

To secure a spot in our programs, a refundable security deposit is required, along with an administration fee to cover PayPal, bank, and administrative charges, as well as local Eco & Tourism taxes.

To finalize your booking, we will need the following documents within 14 days: a scanned copy of your passport, a police clearance certificate (if required), and a copy of your travel confirmation to the departure city (including plane, bus or train tickets).

Upon successfully completing the Angloville programme, you can request a refund of your security deposit within 21 days.

For additional information, please consult our terms and conditions.



✈️ Travel & Accommodation Tips

When to arrive in the departure city?

Angloville advises International Participants to arrive 1 or 2 days before the programme starts. However, we don’t cover these additional expenses (such as shuttle from the airport, hotel room, etc). 

To arrive at the first start city, we recommend: to look for some good flight deals. Budget airlines within Europe (Wizz air and Ryanair) do have some great deals for the upcoming months, with fares starting from 30 GBP! 

The departure to the venue takes place on the first day of the programme, early in the morning, at a central easy-to-access meeting point. The Angloville bus takes the group of International and Local Participants from the starting city to the Angloville venue and back each time. Note the venue can be 1-4 hours away from the departure city. 

If you visit several cities in the host country, please check your itinerary is realistic. For moving between programmes and start cities, there are budget buses within Europe (, trip & itinerary scheduler ( and trains (

You can book your return flight for the last day of the programme, but make sure you will be flying from the departure city, not earlier than 23:00. Generally, our participants prefer to book their return flight the day after the programme as they can have a proper rest before flying. 

We will include all the important information in an info-pack (2-3 weeks before the programme starts). We can not send this information earlier as external factors or unforeseen circumstances can occur, and we want to ensure that we give the most up-to-date  information to everyone.

When to leave from the departure city? 

We have to exercise utmost caution when predicting the return time of the Angloville bus to the departure city. Unforeseen circumstances, such as delays due to traffic, group issues, or other factors, can occur during the journey. Generally, we aim to have the bus back in the city centre by 18:00, but it’s important to be aware that the drop-off point for intercity or international connections may not be conveniently located near the Central train station, bus station, or airport.

Based on our past experiences, catching a train, bus, or carpool for an intercity connection on the same day has posed no issues. However, we recommend practising prudence when scheduling a flight, as it may be more unpredictable (distance to the airport, check-in procedures, security checks, etc.): as a general recommendation, we advise our international participants to consider booking their flights no earlier than 23:00, if feasible, or to opt for a departure on the following day. This will allow them to have sufficient time and rest before their flight.

Important: Please keep in mind that the given time is a forecast, and we cannot guarantee it. Our staff will do their best to arrive on time, or even earlier if possible.

Where to book a hotel in the departure?

We advise you to arrive a day before the programme starts, which means you will have to book the accommodation yourself. The city-centre of the departure is always a good option. Angloville only provides you with accommodation for the duration of your programme. If you decide to complete a three-week package with Angloville, booking the accommodation between the programmes will also be your responsibility. 

We suggest you use Couchsurfing (for a free accommodation), HostelWorld and (for a bed in a dorm or a cheap hotel deal), or AirBnB (for a private room or a flat to share).

😍 What’s Included With Angloville?

What is included in our Angloville travel sponsorship:

   ✔︎ Free accommodation for programme dates: twin and triple on Adult programmes,  triple and quad rooms on Junior programmes, all with private bathrooms..

   ✔︎ Free food: 3 meals at minimum: Unrestricted, vegetarian  or vegan options available in 90% of our venues.

   ✔︎ A free city tour in the starting city in Poland and Italy: Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, Rome, Bologna, etc. 

   ✔︎ Free transportation from the starting city (in Poland and Italy) to the programme venue and back.

   ✔︎ Invaluable teaching experience with local language learners from Europe.

   ✔︎ Opportunity to become TEFL qualified via TEFL Scholarship (optional).

🛄 What’s Not Included?

Please keep in mind that there are certain elements not covered by our travel sponsorship that you may need to take care of yourself:

   ✘ Health & Travel insurance (highly recommended)

   ✘ Any accommodation and meals before, after or in between the programme dates.

   ✘ Extra Expenses (souvenirs, bar expenses) during the programme.  

   ✘ Visa fees and support of any kind.

   ✘ Travel assistance and/or sponsoring, including airport pickup or drop-off, intercity connection, etc..

   ✘ Any flights to and from the starting city, and back home.

   ✘ Cost of the police clearance (if requested) 

   ✘ As per all your bookings (flight, bus, hotel, etc.), please ensure that you booked flexible and/or refundable bookings in case of last minute change or cancelation of a programme, Angloville won’t be held responsible for any refund.

💰 Partially Refundable Deposit

We request a partially refundable deposit fee which is required to secure your reservation in our system. The non-refundable portion is used to cover the administration costs, bank fees and local & eco-tourism taxes and will vary in relation to the programme package selected. 

The refundable portion will be returned upon application within 21 days of the programme completion and meeting certain conditions such as: fulfilling all mandatory documentation (travel details, police clearance, passport copies, and participating in the Know-How training), successfully completing all the registered programmes and adhering to all applicable laws and Angloville programme regulations, including health and safety guidelines.

⚖️ Police clearance

To take part in our Angloville programmes, it is essential for all participants to have a clean criminal record with no ongoing legal actions against them during their time of participation.

For the Kids, Junior, Ski, Junior Plus, Eurotrip, and Family programmes, all participants must submit a criminal background check before they can be fully enrolled. This requirement is a crucial aspect of our commitment to Health & Safety and Youth Protection Policies.

Please ensure you allocate sufficient time to obtain the document before your departure, as processing times may vary depending on your country of origin (typically 3-15 days, but it’s advisable to verify this with your local authorities). The document should be issued in English or accompanied by a certified English translation and should be no older than six months from your arrival date.

To expedite the process of obtaining your criminal background check, Angloville has identified some organizations that may offer prompt assistance. However, please be aware that Angloville assumes no responsibility for the quality of service provided by these organizations, so it’s crucial to exercise your own judgment. 

Participants are responsible for covering the associated costs.

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  • Canada –
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  • AUS –
  • NZ –

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