Come Check Us Out!

Come Check Us Out!

What is Angloville?

Maybe you’ve seen us online or a friend has recommended us. But let’s get into it, in a nutshell, we are a unique cultural exchange programme. A place where International English speakers are paired with Local English Learners. Everything is done in English and the best part is that nothing is formal. You will be staying in our serene venues in tranquil beautiful settings with mountains, forest and lake views. Angloville is an enriching international environment as our participants come from all over the world, which adds to this incredible experience.

Our programmes are a mix of casual conversations, workshops, group activities, games and fun that allow you to get the most out of your stay and truly discover the local traditions. You will share cultures, lives and stories that will provide you with a new perspective on the country. As well as learning about the history, food and culture of Poland that you can use on your travels!

By the end of the programme, you will have gained new skills, friends and confidence. And you will be amazed by the effect you will have on the participants that you’ve helped to grow in speaking English. (There’s lots of tears at the end)

Programmes on offer:

We have a range of different programmes open to individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Angloville has various locations around Europe including Poland, Italy, the UK, Malta and Eurotrip that goes to Paris, Brussels, Berlin and Amsterdam. A bonus is that the UK, Malta and Eurotrip programmes include day trips, excursions and tours.

Our Junior programmes are with Polish youth aged between 12-18 years old who are passionate insightful young people full of interest and enthusiasm. The days are action-packed and fun-induced which usually brings International Participants between the ages of 18-25.

Adult programmes are a great way to network with participants from varied backgrounds who are often established in their field. You will be soaking in the beauty of Poland while enjoying meetings with business owners, CEO’s and people from other reputable professions. Due to the more formal business angle, this is good for 25+ year-olds who would like to engage in adult conversations.

Why Angloville?

  • Length: 5-10-day cultural exchange programmes across Europe, with accommodation and full board included!
  • 12+ Destinations: Krakow, Milano, Malta, London, Paris, Berlin, etc. Explore the best of Europe on a budget!
  • All year around: Programmes starting every Sunday, with free transport from the departure city to the venue (and back)!
  • Enjoy 1:1 & 2:1 conversations, workshops, games, entertainment activities, city tours & excursions etc. Our programmes are fun!
  • Certification: Optional TEFL course & training sponsorship. Corrected: Get certified as an ESL teacher in just 3 weeks!
  • Save money: Full board, accommodation, fun activities & city tours included FOR FREE!



Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like me to answer. 

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