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Angloville Programme Compliance Agreement

Angloville maintains the highest standards of operational programme delivery and educational conduct and compliance. 

The Angloville programme compliance agreement informs participants about important house rules and applicable local law. International Participants will be interacting with individuals from diverse backgrounds, including minors in some programmes; this requires strict compliance with the law and appropriate conduct when interacting with minors. This is applicable for all parties: Coordinators, English Speakers, Hotel Staff and local language learners. 

International participants’ role involves being exceptional conversation partners for local participants, sharing experiences, and supporting their learning journey. Angloville Coordinators are authorized by Local Authorities; they prioritize safety and education, making it essential to follow their instructions. 

You are expected to comply with all the programme rules and regulations.



  • I hereby declare that I have no criminal record and there is no criminal legal action being taken against me at the present moment.
  • I acknowledge the challenges of participating in a culturally immersive experience that involves up to 12 hours of social interactions, including 1:1 and/or 2:1 conversations, group activities, games (excursions, walking tours & sports for Junior programs), etc. Therefore, I affirm that I am in good physical and mental condition, understanding that this is crucial for all participants to ensure a safe and supportive environment.
  • I am aware that any act of violence, harassment, sexual harassment, or other types of abuse will be immediately reported to the police, which may lead to arrest and prosecution.
  • Any form of gross misbehaviour/criminal activity will lead to expulsion from the programme at my own cost, and I am aware that such behaviour may carry legal consequences. Also, any use of physical force towards any other person is strictly forbidden. This information may also be passed to my university/employer and the local police in my country.
  • As a returning participant, I declare that I have never received a warning letter and/or faced termination for misconduct and/or never breached Angloville’s terms and conditions.
  • Any use of illicit and/or illegal drugs is strictly forbidden and will be reported to the police immediately. I have been informed that this may lead to arrest and/or prosecution and a prison sentence of up to fifteen (15) years.
  • I acknowledge that I will be financially responsible for any damages I may cause to the hotel facilities and equipment and that my details will be passed on to the hotel management and/or authorities if such damages occur. In case of any damage, the international participant agrees to cover the cost before leaving the property.
  • As I will be sharing a room, I will maintain excellent personal hygiene, and agree to refrain from being a nuisance to, or causing disturbance of, my roommate(s), at especially, but not limited to, night time. Any outstanding bills at the hotel must be paid before leaving the property.
  • Everyone on the programme is obliged to use appropriate language at all times.
  • I will notify Angloville if I have to cancel or interrupt my participation in the programme, with reasonable notice. I also understand that Angloville makes all the accommodation, board and transport arrangements for all the programmes I enrolled in and in case of a cancellation, that my security deposit will be forfeited.
  • I will comply with the Angloville booking process and deadlines as specified in the booking confirmation email. I acknowledge that my programme participation may be suspended or cancelled if I fail to meet the booking conditions.

Kids, Junior, Junior Plus, Family, and Eurotrips programmes

  • I am aware that befriending or attempting to befriend underage participants on social media sites or through other electronic communication methods is strictly prohibited.
  • I am aware that due to the presence of underage local participants on the programme, the consumption of alcohol at any time during the programme, including free time, is strictly prohibited both on and off the premises of the venue. Irresponsible behaviour involving the consumption of alcohol will lead to expulsion from the programme at my own cost. This decision would be at the sole discretion of the Angloville Coordinators.
  • I was made aware that since I will be leading conversation sessions with underage participants, conversations about certain sensitive topics should be strictly avoided. These include: drugs, sex, religion, racism, politics, and other controversial and inappropriate topics for an educational programme with young participants. This rule applies to me, the Native English speaker, and the programme participants.
  • I am aware that engaging in, or attempting to engage in, any form of sexual activity or any physical contact with a minor that could be deemed sexually-motivated is strictly forbidden by law.


This declaration confirms you accept and comply with the above points in order to respect the integrity of the Angloville programme. You further accept non-compliance can result in programme suspension, cancellation and/or prosecution where a law has been breached. The full Terms and Conditions can be accessed at https://angloville.com/terms-and-conditions/.

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