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Angloville – Here’s what I’ve learnt!

Angloville – Here’s what I’ve learnt!

Angloville – Here’s what I’ve learnt!

Angloville! It’s been a real adventure, whirlwind and pleasure! Even though I have joined as a content creator, each time I visit the programmes I go in with the perspective that I am an International Participant, as it’s all a new venue, and a new part of the country to be explored. The buzz of adrenaline and excitement awaits – I understand what you’re feeling 🙂  For me, Angloville is like a lucky dip as it’s a mix of personalities, nationalities and energy that is randomly put together, you never quite know what you’ll get but it’s really worth it! 

I’ve also been in your shoes and before joining the team I was a participant in Hungary and Malta. The more programmes I do the more I feel like there’s always something new and exciting to take away from it. The best part on a personal level for me has to be all the international fascinating people whom I can now call friends. There has been so much genuine support, fun times and loving memories shared. 

So, if you’re considering doing an Angloville programme I’d say jump in! It’s an opportunity to learn and grow and find so many wholesome moments throughout. This may be from realising how you touched a young person’s heart by sharing a kind word, or a joke that’s shared across the week. You’ll see how special it is and how close you can grow with people after spending your week together in a cosy fulfilling environment. 


      1.Wrap up

Winter is fast approaching and being on the ski programme last winter I would definitely recommend bringing the correct outdoor wear! Remember many of our venues across Poland are in beautiful natural beauty. This can mean frozen lakes and snow-covered mountain resorts. The best way to stay warm in the cold is by layering up, think base layers, thermals, and winter coats! Also, if you’re doing the ski programme you will need to bring ski wear such as ski gloves, jacket, pants, thermals etc. The skis, ski pole, and ski pass are provided by us – so don’t hesitate to get down the slope 🙂

      2. Don’t be scared to approach

Let your personality shine! The unique thing about Angloville is that it’s all around talking, interacting and sharing yourself. Think of it as a week-long retreat to build on your confidence. It’s ok if, in your normal life, if you are shy or reserved and perhaps an introvert, many different types of people join us. However, think of Angloville as a safe space to break the ice and you’ll see how much this is appreciated by the Local Participants by making them feel at ease. You can do this by starting conversations, taking an interest in what they have to say and being kind goes a long way! You may not think it, but all your efforts will touch them, and it’s often the small touches that go the furthest. 

      3. Enjoy the moment!

You’ll be surrounded by impressive nature and venues with facilities for you to enjoy your time. Take it as a chance to learn about your surroundings, the country and the food that is special to the region. You’ll be fascinated by the beauty in the country, and it’s a great opportunity to take the chance and travel around after Angloville. Often, I have explored with fellow participants I’ve met from the programmes, and it’s pretty common for the group to meet afterwards. It’s a great farewell to celebrate the time you’ve spent and the friendships that blossom after the programme. Enjoy the bonding experience and embrace the week of making new connections in a new exciting country. Bon Voyage!




Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like me to answer. 

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