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Winter’s Here! What To Pack

Winter’s Here! What To Pack

How exciting, our Angloville winter programmes are here, so let’s get packing! Throw yourself into a new country, and culture and use this season as one to embrace the cold, snow and experience it in its full beauty. Poland is great for having a positive uplifting attitude to the magical atmosphere.



Grab your winter coats and thermals

No matter what type of Angloville programme you take part in from junior, adult, family or junior ski it’s good to research the temperature before visiting. To stay toasty during your stay it would be advisable to bring your winter coats and thermals as definites. No matter where you will be placed, winter days in Poland are short, cold and cloudy. There can be frequent snowstorms and rain. The average temperature in January is about -4℃ but in some places, it can fall as low as -35℃



*Remember* Angloville venues are set in beautiful natural surroundings from the mountains, lakes, forests and many more. This means they are often away from cities and may have harsher temperatures. 

The way to combat the cold is by staying warm, comfortable, and layering up! 

Like the saying goes there’s no bad weather, only bad clothing! Start with long-sleeved thermal tops and bottoms. T-shirts and long-sleeved shirts for layers with a sweater of wool or fleece for insulation. For the pants think warm trousers or jeans. On top of this, a waterproof winter coat will be great! It’s important to keep your feet as dry and cosy as possible with waterproof boots or comfortable walking shoes. Not forgetting the essentials from warm hats, gloves, scarves and thick socks. 


If you are doing the ski programme don’t stress you can buy affordable ski gear that does the job! I bought my ski pants and jacket from Lidl and thermals from Go Outdoors, so don’t go crazy on the fancy stuff if you’re not going to use it often. Also, don’t forget ski gloves, neck scarf and goggles to protect your eyes are good buys. The skis, ski poles, and ski pass are all provided – don’t stress about that!



Think luggage, and pack light as you may be sharing rooms and in snowy locations where dragging a suitcase can become tiresome. The best advice is to pack light! Bring all the usuals from toiletries, healthcare and electronics, including the all-important adapters for the country you’re visiting. You may want to bring something from your home country for your new friends and local participants. 

The main thing is to go with an open mind and let the snow-covered country blow you away (not literally). Have a fantastic winter and bring your energy!



Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like me to answer. 

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