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Over the past ten years, over 25 000 passionate mentors, first-time travelers or experienced ESL teachers have participated in our sponsored cultural exchange programme. Angloville is a unique place where the world meets. Our English language programme allows local learners to meet international mentors and share their culture from the four corners of the world. Our programme is open to everyone, from 18 to 85 years old, with a story to tell and the willingness to make new friends regardless of their walk of life.
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4.9 / 5


4.9 / 5




5 / 5




Angloville has designed an excellent program for people to volunteer and participate in as a language mentor. I had an incredibly awesome time, meeting new people, earning a TEFL certificate through their Angloville Scholarship Program with Premier TEFL, and having the opportunity to add this invaluable experience (a working holiday); not only to my resume but to my life. It is an excellent program that I would recommend - to anyone.

thumb Kk Mm
13 January 2022

I highly recommend my experience to anyone who is motivated to help sincere individuals who are professional and committed. Poland is a marvelous country and the opportunity to visit several cities within it has been invaluable. Moreover, the personal relationships that were formed with both Participants and other Mentors have enriched my life both personally and professionally. The company prepares you well for your duties, and the rewards are many.

thumb John Caputo
26 January 2022

I loved my experience with Angloville. I came away from the experience with a ton of friends in different countries, loved being able to help kids learn English in a less formal more "fun" setting and got to explore places I never would have gone to. Because of Angloville I'm considering moving abroad to one of the countries I was a volunteer in. If it wasn't for covid (and work/my dog) I would've volunteered in 2020 & 2021!

thumb Melissa Lukes
13 January 2022

Angloville was an incredibly rewarding experience! I not only had to chance to spend 3 weeks in Poland for free and to practice my English teaching skills, but also meet... read more

thumb Lucy Gibson
11 September 2019

I had an amazing 3 weeks teaching English in Poland this past summer with Angloville. I am grateful to have had the chance to meet so many amazing students &... read more

thumb Claire Koeppen
6 January 2019

Angloville is a great opportunity to meet some incredible people from around the world, both the other Native Speakers and junior participants. I did 3 programmes from different cities (Gdańsk,... read more

thumb Daniel Porter
23 August 2019

I’ve done six junior programs in Poland. Overall, I loved the experience, and I plan on volunteering with Angloville again (but just doing one of two programs). Each week was... read more

thumb Melodie Vuong
21 August 2018

I had an amazing time at all Angloville programs. I met incredible, opeb-minded travelers from all over tge world and had a chance to work with some amazing kids. A... read more

thumb Agata Walenta
12 April 2018

I had a great time doing this wonderful program. I definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning more about working with kids, wants to explore new places,... read more

thumb Sava D. Vuchkov
25 February 2020

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Why our Past Mentors
liked the Angloville Experience

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Angloville is a unique opportunity to join one the most reputed cultural exchange programmes in Europe while travelling & exploring over 24 amazing world famous cities. Whether you want to travel and make friends, discover a new culture & meet local people or become a professional English teacher and gain valuable practice experience, Angloville has a spot for you.

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