The day has come and you can’t wait to join your amazing Angloville programme! You’re ready, flights booked and bags packed. Now all you need to do is learn about the beautiful country before getting there. Here are some friendly mentions to consider for your trip:

Basic Phrases are always helpful!

It’s always great to know some basic phrases in the country you are visiting. Poles are no different as they’ll really appreciate the effort. Don’t take it to heart though if your mispronunciation gets a few giggles, it’s just a sign of friendliness. Although the alphabet can look daunting with a lot of consonants, the simple phrases aren’t too bad. Some basic words that would help you get around are Hello ‘Cześć’(pronounced: Chesht) Thank you ‘Dziękuję’ (pronounced: Jinqueer) Good day ‘Dobry dzień’ (pronounced: Dobry Jenya)

Leave the Euros at home

Although Poland is in Central Europe the currency is not Euros. They have their own money which is called Polish Zloty and is often shortened to PLN and the symbol . Take a look at travel cards as a good way to keep money safe, and pay in the local currency. As well as, the usual credit cards and bank cards that are good for travelling as the conversion rate is low.

Don’t drink on the streets

This may be a little culture shock to some people but drinking alcohol on the streets is illegal in Poland. You may have heard about the famous Polish drinking culture, but it’s not done on the streets. So be careful, if the police see you drinking in a park or in any public space, you may be issued with a fine.

Good to know

Keep in mind 112 is the emergency number in Poland to call the emergency services, in case you are in a situation where you need external assistance. There will be someone who will be able to talk English as many people can speak in Poland. Another thing is Jaywalking is not a thing, so if you cross the road without using the correct crossing points you may also be issued with a fine.

Travel with Jakdojade

A great way to get around is by downloading the Jakdojade app. This is great for getting from A to B in the cities and can help with planning a journey, booking tickets and checking transport schedules. Public transport is convenient and easy to use in Poland, so definitely give it a go!

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