Thanks for joining our webinar.

We hope to have been able to convince you that our Angloville Cultural Exchange Programme is a great opportunity to explore Europe, while making international friends. We also hope to have answered all of your questions.

Angloville is a unique and exciting programme that provides an immersive language experience. This is done by pairing international English-speaking participants like yourself and local non-native English speakers for conversation practice. It’s a great way to improve English in a fun and relaxed environment, while also making friends from all over the world.

During our webinar, we discussed the benefits of participating in an Angloville programme, presented all our amazing European destinations (Italy, Poland, London, etc.), shared success stories from past participants, and answered questions you may have had about the programme.

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What is Angloville?

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Here is a summary of the main benefits of our travel sponsorship:

  • 12+ destinations across Europe: Poland, Malta, UK, Italy, etc
  • 8 000+ international participants every year 
  • Free full board (room, meals, Wi-Fi) during the programme 
  • Free transport from the departure city and back
  • AngloTEFL qualification (optional), paid teaching positions across the world, etc. 
  • And many more

We also provided information on how to sign up for our upcoming programmes. Remember there’s limited capacity. We receive 100’s of applications weekly for the limited positions we have in our language camps across Europe. Therefore the spots are in high demand. 

So don’t wait too long and BOOK A FREE CALL BACK NOW so we can immediately reach out to you and ensure you don’t miss out on our sponsored travel opportunities!


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