Warsaw is a truly special place. The Polish capital has a rich history and energy that’s hard to come by anywhere else in the world

Unlike the other major cities in Poland, Warsaw isn’t centered around it’s old town. It’s spread out across numerous districts that capture the city’s checkered history and express its progress moving forward. Warsaw’s ability to preserve the old and celebrate the new is something to behold. It really has something for everyone; you can get lost in its historic buildings and museums, wander through grand outdoor spaces and royal gardens, dine to your stomach’s content in milk bars and molecular gastronomy restaurants and party till the wee hours in bars and upscale clubs. 

With so much to offer, it’s likely you’ll need to visit Warsaw more than once to truly get a feel for the place. Imagine if you could visit this city for free and meet locals who can help you immerse in the local culture?

Footage courtesy of Polska Travel

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