Types of programs

The Angloville Adult program is a great opportunity for native English speakers to help local participants improve their English language skills, learn about culture and to meet like minded travellers from around the world. On each program there are around 12-18 Local Participants and an equal number of English-speaking volunteers. You will be working with adult students aged 30+ in the 1-on-1 sessions and 2-on-1 sessions.

The Angloville Extended Adult program is the longer 9-day version of Angloville Adult program where you work with the business professionals. On the extended program you will work in  the 1-on-1 sessions and 2-on-1 sessions.

The Angloville Junior programs are perfect for university students or recent graduates who would like to share their university experience and support ambitious youth in their journey to higher education in English-speaking countries. On the Junior programs you will be working with ambitious youth aged 12-18 (2-on-1 sessions).

The Angloville KIDS programs are excellent for students or recent graduates who already have some experience in working with children aged 7-11. On the Kids programs you will be working with a bi-lingual local teachers and groups of 4-8 students.