Top 5 places to visit in Poland

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Poland is a highly underrated destination for travellers that offers a little something for everyone; whether you’re looking for picturesque countrysides, modern cities full of history or idyllic seasides. Home to 16 UNESCO World Heritage sites and a rich cultural history, Poland offers its visitors a truly unique and safe experience. In this series, we’ll look at 5 of Poland’s top destinations and give you tips on how to make the most of your visit to this beautiful country.

Our most recommended places to visit in Poland

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Warsaw is a truly special place. The Polish capital has a rich history and energy that’s hard to come by anywhere else in the world

What to visit?


As the former capital city of Poland, Krakow is making a strong case as the country’s cultural capital.

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Known as the “Venice of the North’, there are few places in the world like Wroclaw.

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Often overlooked by tourists, Poznan has a lot to offer its visitors.

What to visit?


A hidden Polish gem, Katowice is a musical and adventure hotspot waiting to be discovered!

What to visit?

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