They joined Angloville, they loved it and they tell you why

Reading this you’ve probably heard of Angloville, what we offer and how we can help you with travelling across Europe for free. With the world slowly getting back to normal, with more and more countries reopening borders, we all start to think about our travel bucket list and wonder what would be our next destination, right? 

Why not try an exciting, rewarding and safe experience abroad with Angloville this winter?

Take a moment and read what our past volunteers say about their time with us. 

“For me, volunteering – aside from everything else it brings – simply feels good. ”

Vince, France

“You will get different experiences, meet new people, and you will see the country you are visiting in a more special way.”

Patricia, USA

“The programme as a whole was really amazing (…)  it’s more interactive and there are more games. It was really fun.“

Sava, Bulgaria

“My most memorable experience is the  sense of community and a great way to round off the week”.

Leanne, UK

To start, let’s meet Patricia. She’s a 21-year old student from the US and  she was about to start her 4th year of a Bachelor’s Degree at Temple University in Philadelphia, USA when she decided to volunteer with Angloville.  She’s very passionate about travelling and ever since she was a preteen she wanted to travel the world. 

I completed my Angloville programme this year in February, at the Wityng hotel. I had a 2,5 week long winter vacation during my student exchange in Paris, France. So I thought I wanted to explore more of Europe.”

Patricia, English Native Mentor 

Patricia’s advice for you:  Join Angloville Past Mentor’s group on Facebook and ask past volunteers and AngloTEFL trainees about their experience, their favorite programmes and their best travel tips. Patriicia is positive: “Just give it a try. Look at the different programme types, look at the reviews, visit different travel groups and ask them about the experience. (…). Just sign up 🙂”, she says. 

Johnny made a wonderful video about his last trip to Poland. He spent time in the Tatra Mountains, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, meeting new friends, helping locals with making a difference in their life and… enjoying skiing for free. Watch the video:

“How could I spend my spare time and money travelling whilst also giving back? Little did I know that not only could I do both, I could actually get even more out of my time volunteering than I ever had before.”

Vince, Volunteer

Vince has a special travel tip for you: When you join Angloville, everything you need is taken care of: meals, accommodation, local transport, even fun activities & city tours! “This is where I stumbled upon Angloville. At first, it seemed a little too good to be true. My transport from the departure city was all taken care of and my meals and accommodation whilst on the programme were all covered too – all I had to do was give my time. It made it so easy and checked both of my boxes; I was to see the world whilst helping others”, says Vince. 

Sava, a 28 YO teacher assistant at the Anglo-American School of Sofia In Bulgaria, has the same feedback as Patricia and Vince. When we asked him about his time with us, Sava did not hesitate a second:

“This programme was amazing. It was the first time I did something like this. Even though I work with kids at an international school, I wanted to get a different experience. The programme was really nice and teachers had full stay covered. The venue was also very beautiful.“

Sava, Teacher Assistant

Sava also says the programme changed his perspective on many things. It gave him “different approaches to students, a glimpse of the Polish way of teaching English and showed him how a conversation based programme works”. Not only volunteering with Angloville was rewarding but “working with kids at Angloville is different from teaching at a normal school – it’s more interactive and there are more games. It was really fun”, concludes Sava.  

A lot of volunteers declare they feel they’ve grown so much from their experience abroad. Getting to know the locals as well as like-minded travellers helped them open their mind as they’ve learned more patience and understanding. Plus, their communication problem-solving skills are so much stronger. That is what Leanne, a  22 YO recent Journalism graduate from the University of Lincoln experienced. Also, her most memorable experience was the sense of community and a great way to round off the week”.

“Each conversation you have on each programme is different, bringing with it new challenges and hurdles. Theses obstacles, however, in such a friendly and open atmosphere, become more exciting rather than daunting. You become a part of a community – I still keep in touch with many of the people I’ve met (both fellow volunteers and attendees).”


I’ve completed several programmes and not only have I visited new parts of Europe (Matla, Dublin, Bucharest soon) but I’ve made so many new friends along the way.”


So, when we asked Sava, Leanne and Patricia if they would recommend Angloville to others, Sava delacred: 

“Definitely. It’s a great place to interact with others. Other Participants come from different backgrounds which gives a great mix. You can experience another country’s culture, like Poland, which I have never planned to visit before. I really enjoyed it. The programme is nice – every day there is something new going on. It enriches you and you can introduce new teaching techniques to your current job. You can meet more people. During these difficult times, it is even more important to be closer with each other. “

What would we add? 🙂 If you want to know more about our programmes, feel free to apply, we will call you back for a 15 min casual conversation about your travel plans and we will help you with finding the best programmes for you.