Thanks for your application! 🙌

Hi there! 

Thanks for applying and showing interest in Angloville. We are glad you are considering dedicating some of your time to explore truly beautiful regions of Europe while making local and international friends and having deep and meaningful conversations.

As a next step, I will call you for a 10 minute chat so I could explain to you more about Angloville and together we could see if our programme is a good fit for you. 

“Angloville” does not always display as the caller, so if you see an unfamiliar number calling you, it’s probably us. Here are the phone numbers we use:

+44 20 3966 4098 (UK)        +1 845 402 6193 (US)          +61 2 8520 1091 (AUS)       +48221041894 (POL)

In the meantime, you can also check our programme calendar.

We publish all our exciting travel and cultural exchange opportunities months in advance. So you can go to our website right away and see what dates, countries and locations you would be most interested in.