The Angloville Refer a Friend Programme (“Programme”) is a reward based scheme for Angloville partners who refer applicants for Angloville volunteering opportunities.


The programme is open to a selected group of individuals (“Ambassadors”) who are Angloville past participants on an invitation-only basis. All Participants, meaning Ambassadors and Referees, must be 18 years of age and older.


Your referred contacts need to apply between the 1st of August and the 10th August 2021.


Angloville may suspend, terminate or change the terms and requirements of the Angloville Refer a Friend Programme at any time and for any reason. A Referral Bonus already earned in accordance with the Angloville Refer a Friend Programme terms before such change, suspension or termination will be honored.


An Ambassador is an individual selected by Angloville who enters the present Angloville Refer a Friend Programme through an invitation from Angloville and accepts the present Terms and Conditions. Registration is done via www.angloville.com/refer-2.


Ambassadors are invited to register prospective candidates for Angloville volunteering opportunities by sharing a personalized link to the apply section of Angloville website available to them.

Referral bonus

A Referral Bonus can be earned as follows:

  1. The Ambassador shares a personalized referral link as provided by Angloville (the “Referral Link”). The Ambassador is not entitled to use the Referral Link in or for paid promotions, including online advertising;
  2. A person, receiving the link (the “Referee”), makes an application via the Angloville website by clicking on the Referral Link; and
  3. Undergoes the Recruitment process run by Angloville to ensure he or she meets the appropriate selection criteria as described on angloville.com
  4. >Ambassadors and Referees must at all times be different persons.

Successful referral

A successful referral means:

    1. The referee has never participated in Angloville immersion programmes in any of the markets, never collaborated with Angloville in any other form before. Neither could the referee be participating in the Angloville recruitment process.
    2. The referee has met Angloville’s recruitment criteria as described on angloville.com and successfully passes through the interview stages assessing their personality traits and suitability. The Angloville Recruitment team possesses sole discretion in deciding whether the applicant meets the recruitment criteria.
    3. The referee has paid the participation deposit and did not withdraw their participation within 21 days from the day when the deposit was paid.
    4. The referee has successfully completed at least 2 Angloville immersion programmes between August and September 2021.  If the referee has registered for more than 2 programmes or registers in the future for further programmes, the Ambassador is only entitled for the prize for the first 2 programmes.
    5. The referee must specify in their application who referred him or her and the Ambassador must be able to specify whom he or she referred.

Fair distribution of opportunities

The Ambassador may only earn the Ambassador’s Referral Bonus 20 times in total during the Pilot version of the current Programme.  The Angloville Refer a Friend Programme can only be used for personal, non-commercial purposes. Each Referee may only make use once of a Referral Link, also if the Referee received or had access to separate Referral Links from different Ambassadors.
Displaying Referral Links

The Ambassador shall not share or publish the Referral Links where there is no reasonable basis for believing that recipients are genuine travelers and appreciate the invitation stated through the Referral Link and not in violation of applicable anti-spam laws. The Ambassador shall indemnify and hold Angloville, its directors, officers, employees, shareholders, agents, and successors harmless, from and against any claims that may arise from any unlawful forwarding or sharing of the Referral Link.

Reviewing the referrals

Angloville reviews successful referrals from the previous completed calendar month no earlier than 15th of September 2021.
Prize (“Referral Bonus”) for each successful referral is equivalent to 50 EUR worth of WizzAir voucher.

Angloville reserves the right to provide equivalent  Referral Bonuses (vouchers) of the same value if WizzAir vouchers become unavailable for any reason.

A Referral Bonus not redeemed within 3 months after its confirmation by Angloville will automatically expire. The Referral Bonus cannot be transferred, exchanged for any cash or money or sold.

The Ambassadors will be responsible for any taxes or charges that may arise due to the earning and payout of the Referral Bonus.

The calculation of the Referral Bonus is an automatic procedure based on the use of the Referral Links. Angloville retains the right to, at its sole discretion, review the compliance with the Angloville Refer a Friend Program terms. Angloville reserves the right to audit the Programme and, as part of this process, contact prospective candidates to verify the authenticity of the referral. Inappropriate use of the Programme may result in disciplinary action being taken against the Ambassador.

Good Faith

An Ambassador is at all times committed to act in good faith realizing the appropriate duty of care and due diligence in providing correct information to potential candidates about Angloville and referring candidates who are eligible for meeting Angloville’s recruitment criteria.


If any provision of these terms is or becomes invalid, unenforceable or non-binding, the Participants shall remain bound by all other provisions hereof. In such event, such invalid provision shall nonetheless be enforced to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, and each participant will at least agree to accept a similar effect as the invalid, unenforceable or non-binding provision, given the contents and purpose of these terms and conditions.

To the extent permitted by law, these Angloville Refer a Friend Program Terms shall be exclusively governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Ireland. Any disputes arising out or in connection with these terms shall exclusively be submitted to and dealt with by the competent court in Ireland.

Angloville Refer a Friend Program is organized by Angloville International Ltd, St Mary’s College,
Emmet Place, Youghal, Co Cork, P36 N796, Ireland