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Discover Poland for FREE & Meet Amazing People

Angloville offers a new and exciting way to travel to Central Europe: meet locals, take part in casual conversations and fun-packed activities while your board and lodging in beautiful hotels is covered. Additionally, you have the option to become a TEFL qualified English teacher in weeks thanks to our AngloTEFL Scholarship!

Visit stunning places and meet inspiring people during one of the most popular cultural exchange programmes in Europe.

This summer, you can join Angloville on one of two limited cultural exchange programmes in various quiet corners of the Polish countryside running 📆 24 July and limited August weeks.

[Other summer dates also available]

What is provided FOR FREE

  • Free accommodation in beautiful hotels 
  • Full board during your stay featuring local cuisine (vegan, vegetarian, and other dietary restrictions can also be accommodated)
  • Free city tours in Warsaw or Poznan & a lot of fun-packed activities 
  • Free transfer from one of the arrival cities (above) to the venue and back
  • An opportunity to connect with people from around the world
  • An accredited 120h TEFL qualification (when attending multiple programmes)

What exactly can you expect from this experience?

After arriving in Warsaw or Poznan and getting to know the cultural hubs of Poland on a free city tour, participants will be transported to comfortable lodgings in the beautiful Polish countryside. The hotels typically offer plenty of beautiful outdoor spaces to soak up the summer sun as you get to know the local participants along with a small cohort of fellow English-speaking participants. 

What is your role?
Make international friends!

Your role is to simply participate in conversations and activities entirely in English – no teaching experience is necessary! Angloville ultimately aims to bring young travellers of various backgrounds, nationalities and cultures together. Each week you will meet approximately 60 new people. Like the thousands of participants before you, you can expect to walk away with new friendships and lifelong memories. 

Spend 1-3 summer week(s) in these lovely hotels with us​!


Osada 49 (Warsaw, Poland)
9.1 rating on
Osada Dankow (Warsaw, Poland)
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Dwor Pomorski (Poznan, Poland)
8.1 rating on
  • As an English-speaker you will join Angloville’s cultural exchange programmes as an international participant
  • International participants come from all around the world and from all walks of life and age groups
  • Your presence will help our local participants improve their English communication skills and their understanding of the English-language culture as all activities happen in English
  • You will have lots of conversations throughout the day with our local participants (teenagers, students or successful professionals from a variety of backgrounds)
  • You will also enjoy workshops, group activities and social events organized by our programme coordinators
  • Angloville programmes are ideal for those who like to meet other people, travel and explore new locations through the eyes of locals
  • Since our programmes involve a lot of conversations, a willingness to open up to others and share your passions and experiences is important
  • All our programmes happen in English, hence we prioritize applicants from a native English-speaking background or with native-level English skills
  • Angloville is not about nonstop parties and it involves following the schedule and guidelines of the programme. Maturity and flexibility are important in order to truly enjoy this experience.

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If you want to join in on the fun, don’t wait! Apply today and spend a memorable week or more in Poland!