Discover, learn, meet people

Grab a 319-EUR grant and stay in beautiful countryside hotels!

Here’s what Angloville offers you:

Angloville is a unique experience that enables linguistic and cultural exchange between the native English speakers and our non-native students, most of whom are successful professionals or ambitious youth; depending on the program you do.

As an English speaker, you stay in one of our beautiful venues in Poland, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Ireland, England or Malta for 3 to 10 days and help our clients improve their English through a series of conversations and activities. During this experience your stay with full board is covered and an unforgettable cultural exchange experience is guaranteed.

Free accommodation

Free accommodation

Visit East Europe, Ireland, England and Malta

Human connections

Human connections

Meet and learn from cool folks from all around Europe

Teaching experience

Teaching experience

Access to free TEFL training and Anglo-TEFL Scholarship

Great memories

Great memories

Time full of new friends from many new cultures!

Grab a SPECIAL 319-EURO GRANT { details }


For the next couple of weeks, Angloville offers a special grant for those who decide to volunteer for 3 selected Angloville Junior Programs this summer in beautiful Polish countryside venues on a short notice.


This is a limited offer for last minute reservations, only applicable to candidates whose profile meets our recruitment criteria for the particular programme.


Sum: 150 EUR to help you cover your flight / travel costs + A fully accredited PremierTEFL Teach English to Young Learners Course (a market value of 169 EUR) that may be useful for a future career, ( )

Payable: 150 EUR payable within 10 days from completion of the 3 programs to your PayPal account (minus 3.5% Paypal fee). Full access to the above TEFL course given at the same time.

Please also remember that while volunteering on the programme, your board and lodging is covered as usual!
That means almost no cost of living during the 3 weeks!

1 /5
1 %
1 /10
0 /5
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• successfully complete all 3 programmes (change of dates may not be allowed)

• active participation in the programme + positive references from the coordinators

• the grant cannot be combined with any other scholarship from Angloville
Would you be interested in receiving the grant and having a great experience with Angloville this summer?

• Must be 18-30 years old

If so, please apply ASAP (only limited last spots available!).

As the next step, we will send you a confirmation and you will be able to book a flight with a 48h deadline.

Valid for the first 50 applicants only!

countries to visit
participants every year
programs in 2017
staff to help you

What’s included ?


In 3-star or above countryside hotels

Food and drinks

Three full meals a day at minimum


To and from the venue by comfortable buses

City tour

Warsaw, Budapest, Prague and many more!

What are my responsibilities?

As an English speaking volunteer, you will have English conversations with our student participants. Each day is packed with activities, discussions and connecting with new friends. The program is all about conversing and you will not be required to offer traditional teaching. Your conversation partners will change each hour. You must be ready to talk for 12 hours a day, but don’t worry as each day is fun-packed and 8000 people a year who visit us, love the experience!