Sample Itineraries: Make the Most of Your Time in Poland!

While still not necessarily a tourist hot-spot, Poland is quietly gaining a reputation among travellers as one of Europe’s best underrated destinations – and for good reason. With its complex history, strong folk traditions, and lively cities featuring quaint old towns, visitors can spend weeks getting to know the land of pierogies and Chopin. In fact, the largest problem you may find while planning your extra time in Poland before or after your Angloville programme is whittling down your list of must-sees to a digestible amount. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or simply need some inspiration, let us give you a hand with some sample itineraries that will help you make the most of your trip! 

How to Use the Guides in This Series

Our itineraries can be extremely useful for those participating in multiple programmes across Poland by suggesting ways to fill in the two-day or six-day gaps between start dates. Of course, they are also ideal for anyone looking to simply spend a few extra nights or even a week in the country on either end of a programme. 

Every featured city on all itineraries has at least one hotel that is partnered with Angloville. These deals, which you can book through our website, will make your trip even smoother by eliminating the hassle of finding a quality hotel in a great location. (For more information about our hotel stays, see here). Additionally, any Angloville programme will start and end in one of these cities, making it convenient to start sightseeing right away. A great first step, then, might be choosing an itinerary that corresponds with your programme’s departure city. 

While the itineraries can be mixed and matched to suit your tastes, those with more specific interests can also start by considering the themed weekend itineraries. (Stay tuned!) If you’re planning on spending more time in any given city, be sure to check out our “Off the Beaten Path” Guides for even more ideas. 

Get to Know Poland: A Weekend Itinerary

Short on time? Get a taste of Polish culture, cuisine, and history with this manageable itinerary – then start planning your next trip to come back for more!

Day 1: Warsaw

-Get an early start and visit the Hala Mirowskie food market where you can find a tasty breakfast or get supplies for an afternoon picnic. 

-Spend the rest of your morning at one of the many nearby museums. History lovers will appreciate the Warsaw Uprising Museum, and the State Ethnographic Museum or National Museum are other great options to learn about Polish art and culture. 

-Enjoy lunch at a restaurant along the Vistula River or have a picnic in one of the many beautiful parks.

-Take your pick of another impressive museum or historical sight: Check out the POLIN Museum, Copernicus Science Center, or Royal Castle.  

-Spend your evening walking the Royal Route and appreciate the beauty of Warsaw’s romantic Old Town.  

Day 2: Kraków 

-Take an early train (2,5 hours, about 15 EUR) to Kraków

-Once you arrive, head to Wawel Castle, one of Poland’s most treasured national monuments

-Have a traditional lunch of pierogies (Przystanek Pierogarnia, Sąsiedzi, or Bar Mleczny Górnik are a few local favourites)

-As a UNESCO World Heritage City, Kraków is a top sight in and of itself. Spend the afternoon exploring the Old Town, Main Square, and Kazimierz district 

-Take an evening train back to Warsaw, or spend the night in Kraków where you can relax at a pub, stroll along the Vistula River, or take a walking ghost tour 

Let Angloville Inspire Your Travels

At its core, Angloville aims to connect travelers, adventurers, and learners of all backgrounds and foster cross-cultural understanding. While our programmes are a great way to meet locals and gain insight into local culture and customs, we encourage our participants to continue their explorations after the programme ends. 

By doing the itinerary planning for you and offering the very best prices at great locations with our hotel partnerships, we take the guesswork out of your stay in Poland so you can focus on fully enjoying the experience. 

We just know you won’t want to miss out on seeing more of Poland once you’re here, so get started now! Check out our itineraries, download our city guides, and save yourself time and money by booking one of our hotel stays today! 

Poland awaits!