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Angloville offers sponsored cultural exchange programmes across Europe to local European students and international travelling participants. 

We promote English language & culture through a series of cultural and fun-activities such as: conversations, games, roleplays, workshops, city tours & sightseeing, gastronomy and meals, etc. 

We don’t teach English, we are not teachers: no books, no classroom, no grammar. We just use and practice English in an 100% full immersion English language camp.

What would be your role?

As an English-speaking Participant, you stay in one of our beautiful venues in Poland for 1 to 3 weeks and help European students improve their English through a series of conversations and fun-packed activities. No books, no classroom, no formal teaching!

On each program, you will connect with interesting people from all around the world and make 50+ new friends from Europe, the UK, the US and Ireland while taking part in activities, workshops, games and fun conversations together.

Why travel with Angloville?

  • Make 40-100 new friends every week: both local and international
  • Meet local students and make a difference in their personal & professional life
  • Enjoy 100 % free board and lodging covered in beautiful hotels across Europe
  • Numerous free city tours & fun activities: Poznan, Krakow, Wroclaw, etc. 
  • Teaching and professional experience: letter of reference, Angloville certificates, AngloTEFL & paid online teaching positions starting in September & onwards. 

How can I qualify for AngloTEFL sponsorship?

AngloTEFL is an opportunity to become a certified “teacher of English as a foreign language”. Our scholarship includes an online course in which you will learn about various teaching techniques that you can then put into practice during your Angloville programmes. Angloville offers you this opportunity in cooperation with Premier TEFL. Upon completion of the course and programmes, you will receive a TEFL certificate. If you want to know more about Anglo-TEFL, please visit our website:

If you join us for a 3-week package, the majority of the cost of the AngloTEFL certification will be sponsored. In addition, you will get 210 hours of real-life teaching experience where you can practise your new skills into practice.

Look what our former participants think about Angloville:

5 reasons why you want to have a travel buddy

Share your passion for culture & travel,  create memories of a lifetime!

Traveling with a friend, a partner or a relative makes you feel safer, cuts individual costs (like in hotels, taxi, some excursions where rates are based on double occupancy) and makes you mesmerizing memories and stories to tell. In other words, it makes the trip easier in many ways.

Did you know we can accommodate you on the same programme?