21 – 27 Feb 2021, Junior edition, Wityng Hotel, Poznań, Poland

Angloville Junior Program takes you to a beautiful countryside resort.


You will be talking in many different forms from two-on-one conversations, group activities,  games, entertainment performances, to relaxing over a meal or a during a walk.


All accommodation is provided, as well as a free tour of Poznań!

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Wityng Hotel is located in central Poland in the vicinity of Mikorzynski Lake. Staying at the Wityng Hotel is an opportunity to have an active holiday and an unforgettable experience. It meets the needs and the expectations of every person who values a high-standard holiday.

The hotel offers for general use:

  • jacuzzi and sauna
  • pool
  • darts, table football

More information at http://www.wityng.pl/en.

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Wityng Hotel

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