14 – 20 Feb 2021, Junior edition, Pakosław Palace, Poznań, Poland

Angloville Junior Program takes you to a beautiful countryside resort.


You will be talking in many different forms from two-on-one conversations, group activities, games, entertainment performances, to relaxing over a meal or during a walk.


All accommodation is provided, as well as a free tour of Poznań!

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The Palace in Pakosław is one of the most classical buildings in the area and has always attracted history lovers as well as business and residential customers.

The Palace provides a perfect setting for all kind of events. It is a place that makes its own history, being witness to important events in the lives of its guests.

The hotel offers for general use:

  • Playground
  • Tennis Court
  • Volleyball court
  • Wi fi

More information at www.pakoslaw.com.pl/index.php/en/

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Pakosław Palace

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