You’ve seen Angloville’s programmes in Poland, but don’t know where to start?

Perhaps, it’s your first solo trip or the first time in the country. Well whatever the case may be, it’s a beautiful place and a really enjoyable country to explore! It’s full of colour and culture, offering a variety of landscapes while sitting along the Baltic coastline. There’s something and everything for everyone from bright cities to historical charm and breathtaking natural beauty. 

Here are 4 great tips to help you travel on a budget:

1. Get your flights on Skyscanner

Remember though, to go on incognito mode when browsing for flights, it’s so the websites don’t track you through cookies while you search. For example, if you check a flight price and return to it, you’ll likely see it at a higher price. But once you’ve got that down, Skyscanner is a good go-to for comparing flights and getting them low prices. You can also view it on particular dates or the whole month, depending on what works best for you and what the cheaper option is.

2. Not too fussy about where to stay?

When travelling there are cheaper options to get accommodation at a low price for example, have you tried hostels or Couchsurfing? These can be a really good travel experience while meeting fellow travellers from around the world and exchanging cultures. They are often cheaper than usual hotels and offer something a bit different. Poland has a range of hostels that are clean and friendly and depending on your vibe can cater to what you’re after i.e. from party to intimate and clean. But, if that’s equally not for you there are Airbnb and hotels that can be found across the country that are also affordable and unique.

3. Have you heard of Polish Milk Bars?

You have to see the Polish Bar Mleczny which literally translates as “milk bar”. It’s traditional Polish cuisine served in cafeterias that originate from the Communist era. They are low-cost food that the government subsidised during that time. You have to try the 5 EUR menus, which are an amazing way to try local dishes while on a budget. It’s a fascinating look into the country and history!

Fun Fact! Cheese cutlets were often sold when meat was scarce and that’s where the name comes from.

4. It’s easy to travel around

Don’t be scared to travel around the country on public transport. It’s all well-organised, easy and cheap to do. A good place to search is Flixbus and PKP trains. They go all over Poland and even into neighbouring countries! There are different options for all budgets from fast to slow trains while being clean, comfortable and convenient. 

Or if you prefer more private modes of transport there are all the major taxi companies such as Uber, Bolt and FREENOW.

Top Tip: Download the app Jakdojade. You may have used something similar in other cities around the world. This app can help you get around Poland, plan your trips, and even buy travel tickets. 

*Did you know that Poland is generally a very safe country to travel* 

All you need to do now is pack your bags.

We’re waiting to hear from you!

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