Welcome to Angloville! We’re thrilled to have you on board and excited for the language and cultural adventure that awaits. Angloville is more than just a programme; it’s a journey of discovery, connection, and personal growth.

As you embark on this experience, you’ll have the unique opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with local students eager to improve their language skills. You’ll also connect with fellow international participants, all sharing the goal of expanding their linguistic and cultural horizons.

Our team is here to support you every step of the way. This page compiles and summarizes everything you need to know before the programme starts, from the compliance documents you need to provide to the deposit refund process.

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Everything you need to know about Angloville

In this short video, Angloville instructs you on all the steps you need to take prior to the programme. This video is very informative. You can also find all this information detailed in the different sections of this page, with extra links for additional information. 



Before the programme starts

📝 Compliance documents

Once you have paid the security deposit, Angloville begins processing all your bookings, including room, meals, and transport, and confirms your participation in our programme.


To complete your application file and finalize your eligibility for the Angloville travel sponsorship, we kindly request that you complete the documentation process within the next 5 days (for programmes starting in less than 59 days) or 14 days (for programmes starting in more than 60 days).

✅ Inclusions

Our Angloville travel sponsorship includes accommodation at the venue, meals, transport to the venue and a variety of educational and fun activities.


Participants enjoy a comfortable stay in shared rooms at the venue throughout the program. Meals are also provided, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Additionally, transportation from the departure city to the venue (and back) is arranged for free by Angloville.

❌ What you need to cover

While Angloville strives to make participants’ stay affordable, there are some costs and services we don’t cover.


It’s crucial for participants to be aware of the expenses they might have to bear, including the deposit and the attached participation fees, flights from home, meals, and accommodation before, in between, or after the programs, intercity transport between programs, and fees related to administrative processes (Visa, DBS), etc. This list is not exhaustive.

First-time travelers? Check out our Travel Manual!


Angloville makes traveling easy for you!

Traveling to Europe with Angloville is an adventure that beckons countless participants each year, and if Poland is on your list for 2024, there are invaluable tips to ensure your journey is both memorable and seamless. 

Whether it’s your first time traveling to Poland or your 100th, you might be eager to get the latest travel tips to find the best flight deals and ensure hassle-free travel.

We delve into the essential travel tips for your Polish adventure, providing insights into securing the best flights, navigating airport options, and optimizing your travel experience. Read the full Travel Manual here. 


✈️ When to arrive and leave?

🛬 When to arrive. Angloville advises International Participants to arrive one day before the programme starts, as the departure to the venue occurs on the first day of the programme before 11:00 AM. Angloville does not cover additional expenses, such as airport shuttle, meals, and hotel rooms before or after the programme.

🛫 When to leave. Participants can book their return flight for the last day of the programme, but they must make sure they will be flying from the departure city, not earlier than 23:00. Generally, Participants prefer to book their return flight the day after the programme as they can have a proper rest before flying.

Read the full Travel Manual here. 

🛬 Where to land in Poland?


The capital of Poland boasts two main airports: Chopin Airport and Modlin Airport. Chopin Airport provides extensive international connectivity, while Modlin Airport offers budget-friendly options.

  • Chopin Airport (Lotnisko Chopina) is located only 10 kilometers southwest of the city center. To get to the city center, several options are available: private shuttle services, taxi (30-minute ride, 40-60 PLN), train (S2 line, 20-minute ride), and bus (175 or N32 lines, 40-minute ride, 5 PLN).
  • Modlin Airport (Lotnisko Modlin) is situated about 40 kilometers north of Warsaw and primarily serves as a hub for low-cost carriers. However, it is well-connected by transportation services, including buses and shuttles to downtown Warsaw. Check out Modlin Airport website here


John Paul II International Airport Krakow-Balice serves as a key air transportation hub in southern Poland. It is situated approximately 11 kilometers west of Krakow’s city center. To get to the city center, several options are available: taxi (20-30 min ride, 50-80 PLN), train (Balice Ekspres or Kraków Airport train, 20 min ride, 20 PLN) and bus (208 line, 40 min, 5 PLN).


Copernicus Airport Wroclaw is a major air transportation hub in western Poland. It is located about 10 kilometers southwest of Wroclaw’s city center. To get to the city center, several options are possible: taxi and bus (106 line).


Poznań-Ławica Henryk Wieniawski Airport, is a significant air travel hub in western Poland. It is situated approximately 7 kilometers west of Poznań’s city center. To get to the city center, several options are available: taxi (20-30 min ride, 40-60 PLN), and bus (59 line, 30-40 min, 5 PLN).

Angloville makes traveling easy for you! Read the full Travel Manual here. 

🚍 Transports

✈️  Flying. To arrive at the first start city, we recommend: www.skyscanner.com to look for some good flight deals. Budget airlines within Europe (Wizz air and Ryanair) do have some great deals for the upcoming months, with fares starting from 30 GBP! 

🚌 Angloville bus. Angloville organizes free transportation for all participants from the departure city to the venue and back in Poland and Italy. The departure occurs on the first day of the programme, typically early in the morning (between 7:00-11:00 AM), at a centrally accessible meeting point. Detailed information about this complimentary service will be provided to participants in the infopacks, sent out 3-4 weeks before the programme begins.

🚆 Intercities connections. If Participants plan to visit several cities in the host country, Angloville recommends checking the itinerary for feasibility before accepting the package of programmes. For traveling between programs and starting cities, there are budget bus options within Europe like Flixbus, trip and itinerary scheduling tools like Rome2rio. Additionally, we suggest using Trainline to check schedules and book train tickets in Europe and local train companies like Intercity in Poland and Trenitalia in Italy.

🚊 Public transports. Polish cities offer very convenient and well-connected public transport, including buses, trams, and metros. We suggest using Jakdojade, the official Polish website for local city transport.

 Additionally, the “Transports” feature in Google Maps has been proven to be very reliable in major European cities and is highly recommended for navigating in Italy, for instance.

🚖 Taxis. In Poland, there’s an extended range of taxi services and apps that offer affordable fares, such as Uber, Bolt, FreeNow, etc. We suggest downloading these apps to get around Polish cities. In Italy, we strongly recommend using the official taxi rank.

Angloville makes traveling easy for you! Read the full Travel Manual here. 

📍 Meeting points

Angloville organizes your transport from the departure city to the venue where the programme takes place and back. This service is free of charge. Most of our meeting points are situated in the city center, conveniently close to public transportation options such as buses, metros, trams, and taxis.

> Find out more about the location of the meeting point here.

🏨 Venues

Our venues are carefully selected to provide a comfortable and conducive environment for language immersion. We offer a variety of venues, including hotels, resorts, and other suitable accommodations. Each venue is equipped with amenities such as comfortable rooms, meeting spaces, dining areas, and recreational facilities.

> Find more information about our venues here.

🍽️ Meals & dietaries

Angloville offers various dietary options at most of our venues, including unrestricted, vegetarian, lactose-free, and gluten-free choices. While we do our best to accommodate participants, please be aware that not all venues and countries provide vegetarian and vegan options, especially in Italy.

Meeting specific dietary preferences and restrictions such as halal, kosher, or meat preferences is challenging due to local culture and cuisine, especially in Italy, Poland, and Malta. We understand the importance of dietary needs and apologize for any inconvenience.

If you have meat-related dietary restrictions, we recommend choosing the vegetarian option. Please understand that our meal plans are based on group menus, and changes to your dietary option may not be possible due to advanced meal orders.

🧳 What to pack?

When packing for a trip to Europe, you should first consider the destination and the time of year you are visiting. Europe has a temperate climate, so you should pack layers of clothing, including a warm jacket or coat for colder months. In summer, light clothing is the best choice to stay cool.

Don’t forget to pack all the essentials like your passport, travel insurance, and any other necessary travel documents. Also, it’s a good idea to have some cash and credit cards for shopping, snacks, and other extra activities. If you’re coming from a country with a different type of electrical outlet, you’ll need to bring an adapter plug to charge your devices.

Read the full Travel Manual here. 

For more information, please refer to the dedicated webpages in the PROGRAMMES section of our website’s main menu.


🧭 Infopacks & Brief Reminders

🔹 Infopack. Angloville will provide all the essential information in an infopack, which will be sent out 3-4 weeks before the programme begins. This document will consolidate crucial details about the program, including the meeting point, Coordinator contact information, program description, venue details, tips, and recommendations. We cannot send this information earlier, as external factors or unforeseen circumstances may arise, and we aim to provide the most current information to all participants.

🔹 Brief reminder. A few days prior to the programme, we will send an email named “Brief Reminder” summarizing essential information regarding the programme’s meeting point and time, details about the free city tour, and contact information of the responsible coordinator. Furthermore, on the Friday preceding the programme, the lead coordinators responsible for the programme will reach out to you if necessary. They will keep you updated regarding the meeting point and the programme. If desired, they can also include you in our Whatsapp and/or Facebook group, allowing you to stay connected with our staff as well as your fellow participants.


Our online training & quiz

The Know-How Training is an essential part of the Angloville programme. It is designed to provide participants with valuable insights into Angloville, our expectations for participants, and best practices during the conversation sessions. The training consists of a 60-minute video module accompanied by a quiz.


Additional services

📸 Free city tours


Angloville organizes free city tours of the departure city for all participants. These 2-hour walking tours take place the day before the program starts, generally on a Saturday, and require a minimum of 5 participants. Meeting points and times will be confirmed in our Brief Reminder Email. Our tours will start at 17:00, so participants have time to arrive, check in at their hotel, and perhaps get some rest. City tours are available in Roma, Bologna, Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan, and Wroclaw.


To register for the free city tour, please contact us here.

👩‍🎓 AngloTEFL Scholarship


AngloTEFL offers participants an opportunity to explore English teaching as a foreign language, improve their teaching skills, and enhance their English language proficiency. This program provides valuable teaching experience and a deep understanding of instructing non-native English speakers. Participants become proficient in English grammar terminology and learn effective teaching methods for students at various proficiency levels.


If you’re interested in the AngloTEFL scholarship, you can find more information on our webpage here.

🛏️ Single room option


Our benefit package includes shared rooms in all our programmes. On some Adult programmes, it might be possible to book a single room for an additional fee. To take advantage of a single-room upgrade, check out our availability here.


Please note that not all our venues can offer single rooms, and the number of single rooms is limited based on the hotel’s capacity and availability. 


This option is not included in the benefits package and an additional fee will be required.


Do you have a question?

Our Angloville Success Team is here to help you and support you during your journey with Angloville. If you have more questions about Angloville and our programmes, feel free to check our Frequently Asked Questions Forumchat with us or email us.


After the programme

🏦 Deposit refund

To request a refund of your deposit, kindly fill out the Deposit Refund Request Form


Angloville refunds the deposit upon the participant’s request once they have attended and successfully completed all Angloville programs they were scheduled for and finished the online component of the TEFL training (AngloTEFL course).


For further information, please check our Terms and Conditions.

🌟 Feedback & Reviews

Angloville strives to provide affordable cultural exchanges and travel experiences across Europe. Angloville highly values feedback and constructive comments from participants in our programmes, as they provide valuable insights that help us strengthen the excellent aspects of our programmes and also identify areas for improvement.


   🔹 Leave a review on Google

   🔹 Leave a review on Facebook 

   🔹 Email us your feedback.

✉️ Letter of reference

Based on your performance in our programmes, the Angloville Coordinators’ Team can issue letters of reference for exceptional participants. Please complete the form available here


One of our team members will review your history and may reach out to you with additional questions.


Please note that our team might require up to 21 days to process your request.

Frequently asked questions

How can I return to Angloville?

Angloville travel sponsorships are not limited, so you can reapply to Angloville at any time. If you are a returning participant, you won’t have to go through the interview and qualification process again. Based on the feedback we received about you from participants and staff during your last programs, we will offer you a new package that aligns with your profile, the skills you demonstrated, and our availability.

The next steps for you will be to transfer the deposit, arrange your travel itinerary, and update your documentation if necessary.

To reapply, contact your personal advisor at +44 20 3966 4098 or email us at info@angloville.com.

How can I modify my package of programmes?

The Angloville team and hotel staff may find it challenging to accommodate late changes in the programme package, as they have already made all the accommodation and transport arrangements well in advance. Indeed, participants’ spots at the venue are secured using their security deposit.

Angloville may consider one change or update in the programme package, provided that the change request occurs at least 30 days before the start of the programme.

Angloville programmes are typically fully booked and finalized at least 30 days before their start, and our team must maintain a balance between local participants’ linguistic abilities and the backgrounds of international participants. Changes can only be agreed upon to achieve the best possible ratio in accordance with this consideration.

What is the refund policy?

Participants have 21 days after the end of their last programme to request a refund of their deposit. The deposit is refunded when:

  1. All the programmes (package) listed in the Confirmation Email are successfully completed.
  2. There is no early departure from the programme, pending bills at the hotel, termination letter issued by the Coordinators Team, etc.
  3. There is no cancellation of any part of the package.

In case of cancellation, penalties apply. For further information, please review our Terms and Conditions on our website here.

How to become an Angloville Meets mentor?

Would you like to stay in touch with the local Angloville participants you met?

If you demonstrated outstanding performance during our programme and showcased genuine teaching skills, Angloville may reach out to you for our online mentoring positions. Angloville Meets is a unique online project that pairs our students with their favorite mentors from the programme. If one or several of our students recommended you as a great mentor during the programme and expressed interest in having weekly conversation sessions throughout the year, we will be in touch. This Online Mentor position is compensated, and specific terms and conditions will be agreed upon.

Your profile will also undergo approval based on strict requirements, including your performance on the programme, the lead coordinator’s approval, etc.

How to become a coordinator?

Angloville offers a variety of paid positions to our exceptionally successful international participants. If you have demonstrated maturity, commitment and exceptional performance during our programmes and have authentic skills in management, mentoring, or teaching, Angloville may consider you for roles such as Activity Leader or Program Coordinator. For more information about these roles and to apply, please send a cover letter and a resume via email to coordinators@angloville.com.

I have more questions

If these articles don’t answer your question, feel free to check our Frequently Asked Questions Forum or chat with us or email us at info@angloville.com. We’re here to help you.

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