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Poland is a highly underrated destination for travellers that offers a little something for everyone; whether you’re looking for picturesque countrysides, modern cities full of history or idyllic seasides. Home to 16 UNESCO World Heritage sites and a rich cultural history, Poland offers its visitors a truly unique and safe experience. In this series, we’ll look at 5 of Poland’s top destinations and give you tips on how to make the most of your visit to this beautiful country.

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We have amazing new Hotels on offer in Poland’s hottest destinations! After your Angloville experience, you’ll no doubt have had a taste of what Poland has to offer – extend your stay in one of our brand new hotels. Why not book a night before your programme starts, so you can drop your bags off and explore an exciting new city? With special rates available in Warsaw, Poznan, Krakow, Lodz and Katowice, you’re spoiled for choice – book now!

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What to do & visit this winter in Poland?

No matter why you're heading to Poland, discover the most stunning destinations with our list of the best events in Poland.

Poland has a rich history that dates back a thousand years, with beautiful medieval architecture, remnants of WWII, and stunning palaces, Eagle’s Nests castles & imposing cathedrals in every corner of the country. Every winter, many exhibitions & festivals take place influenced by the rich bounty of Polish culture, music, theatre, literature, and food.

Dec 2021- Feb 2022

Ice rink at the Old Town Market Square

Maybe the most beautiful ice rink in the world, surrounded by unique Varsovian architecture: the ideal Christmas scenery! Monday-Sunday 10.00-21.00

All winter

Take a break, have a coffee and a croissant

Did you know that St Martin’s croissant is a Protected Geographical Indication of the European Union? Have a bite!


Dec 2021- Apr 2022

Ski & hike in Zakopane

Discover the Tatra Mountains, the beautiful snowy trails and ski slopes. Perfect for snow sports lovers! Ideal for travellers on a budget

December 2021

Enjoy the magic of a Polish Xmas Market.

Traditional, authentic and charming: local Christmas markets are a must-see in Poland, in particular Wrolclaw’s unique market. Mulled wine is a must!

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Most of our volunteers book a room with Angloville so they don’t have to worry about accommodation and transportation the day of the programme. They also find it comfortable to meet and spend time with the other participants in the departure city.