Angloville is one of the biggest providers of language immersion programmes in Europe with operations in 8 countries.

We offer an opportunity for a unique experience that enables linguistic and cultural exchange between native English speakers and local language students, most of whom are successful professionals or ambitious youths.

Our programmes take place in beautiful countryside venues where native speakers of English and local participants can learn and interact to improve communicative skills.

The English-speaking participants are volunteers who come from all over the English-speaking world. Angloville cooperates with the Foundation called ‘Rozwoj Bez Granic’ Foundation [Development without Borders] which is the legal entity responsible for providing volunteer opportunities with Angloville and organizing volunteers’ stay.

If you wish to join our team, please apply:




  • a native speaker of English
  • experience in teaching English
  • teaching qualifications
  • degree from a university (an additional bonus)
  • minimum commitment of one year
Angloville entities:

Angloville International Ltd

St Mary’s College,
Emmet Place,
Youghal, Co. Cork, Ireland
Company Number: 596977
Tax number: 3458878JH


Angloville Sp. z. o. o. SK. POLAND

Ul. Św. Leonarda 1/8
25-311 Kielce
Tax Number: 657-291-71-22



Tyršovo nám. 1733
252 63 Roztoky (Co. Prague)
Czech Republic
IČO: 04720741
Angloville Kft. HUNGARY

Soroksári ut 48.
1095 Budapest
cg. 01-09-295407

Angloville S.R.L. ROMANIA

Str. Eugeniu Carada, Nr.5-7
Bloc A, Sc.1, Ap.9
030057 București
Nr. Reg. Com. J40/8519/2015
C.U.I. 34763465

Fundacja ‘Rozwój Bez Granic’
[Foundation ‘Development without Borders’]

Ul. Edwarda Heila 9/52
30-654 Krakow
Tax Number : 678-310-59-25