Testimonial by Samera

I’m not someone who enjoys the cold or winter, but I love adventure and I’ve always wanted to ski, it just looks like a cool sport. The only problem was, I’d never known where to start or where to go.

Want to ski but don’t know how?

I’ve heard about Angloville from a friend and was looking for a getaway trip while being on a tight budget. To my surprise, there were winter and ski programmes available. I heard that they take you to beautiful locations mainly across Poland (but other countries too). They provide free accommodation and food. All you have to do is talk English in a relaxed setting, cue cards and pointers are provided for conversation, also games and activities are played but it’s NOT a classroom setting. And hello, there was the added bonus of FREE skiing. I was booked!

So when I arrived at the beautiful Tatra mountains I had no expectations, but wow was I amazed! The setting was surreal, like something out of a Christmas film. My days were structured in conversations and activities but what I enjoyed the most was learning about young people, speakers from all over the world and Polish culture! I had three half-day sessions of skiing and was completely new to it. This made it even more hilarious as I created a close bond with other International Participants who didn’t give up on my fails and falls… and trust me there were many. I absolutely enjoyed the experience so much more having them by my side.  I got a few good runs down the slope and am happy to say I gave skiing a go. 

This was my very supportive team!

One of the MANY obligatory falls 🤣


My personal feedback about this programme 

It was all totally worth it and cannot complain about a FREE trip and ski! 

There were no strings attached, and all I had to pay upfront was the deposit of 129 EUR, 30 goes to banking fees and 99 EUR is refundable.

The deposit’s validity can be extended until the summer which I’m already thinking to join for one of their summer 2023 programmes. 

It just seems like such a good deal and a FREE way to travel.

Angloville Summer, here I come!

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