Lingua Attack!

Learn English with movie clips and games

Lingua Attack! Learn English with movie clips and games

Are you looking for authentic materials to pursue your goals of learning a foreign language? Or perhaps you are looking for a convenient way of learning a language without stress and pressure? 

Worry no more: Lingua Attack is here to help. This multi-platform can be the best solution for individuals facing difficulties in learning foreign languages or eager to learn a new language.


If what you need is an immersive online platform to help you learn a language, lingua attack is for you. It is a web service and an application that you can download for both IOS and Android devices. It uses videos and games to provide an engaging experience and indulge users for frequent sessions without getting bored easily. 

With Lingua Attack, you don’t just learn a new language, you also learn about their culture. It has excellent features that won’t make you doubt it.

Why is the Lingua Attack teaching method fun
while getting instant results?

6 languages

English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, or German? You name it.

100+ fun learning activities

Starters Lab, Photo Vocab, Video & Skills Boosters. You will never run out of activities.

Motivating method

Easily track your progress on your dashboard and get rewards.

Friendly interface

26+ users' languages. App available on desktop, Google Play & AppStore

Language Attack And Its Learning Units

As of now, Lingua Attack offers the opportunity to learn six languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, and German. It includes exercises specifically designed for beginners, and in every language, there’s a level assessment test to be taken. Lingua Attack currently aims to provide a growing number of available languages to learn. Hence, giving you more options of languages to learn.

This app is a fully globalized platform. Learners can choose their user interface language from over twenty-six language options available. Additionally, translation functionalities are accessible for all languages.

Motivation is one of the many factors that push you to learn more. With Lingua Attack, learning seems to be more interesting and engaging. Learner inputs such as videos help to increase the frequency of using the app and acquire more knowledge.

This application is a responsive-design website. Meaning it automatically alters the screen size of the device you use to a suitable display. This feature is compatible with operating systems like macOS and Windows and supports all internet browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Opera, Edge, and Firefox. It’s downloadable from App Store (for iOS users) and Google Play (for android users).

Why Lingua Attack?

Lingua Attack offers nothing but the best language learning experience. With the adoption of effective approaches and practices, learning a language has never been this easy. You can track your progress in the Learning Zone. The dashboard will be displayed on the screen, and you will be able to track your progress. 

Want to try this app? Do not fret; this platform allows for a free trial. Make your language learning fun and meaningful! With Lingua Attack, you are guided on the right track

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Teaching English with Lingua Attack


 In Lingua Attack, you are not limited to learning: you can also teach! 

Lingua Attack is a well-known platform used by millions of learners, companies, and language institutions globally. It is an online service that helps people learn and improve their English and other languages they opt to learn. This service is designed not only for autonomous learning but also for tutor-led learning. Hence, you can activate it to Tutor Mode.

Lingua Attack allows you to use your preferred teaching methods and approaches. You can optimize your tutor tools to manage your class, their assignments, assessment tests, and consult your learner’s results.