We are Angloville, the biggest provider of language immersion programmes in Central – Eastern Europe.

Imagine staying in a little “English-speaking village”, practicing your English non stop with native speakers from the UK, the U.S., Australia, Ireland and Canada during a fun-packed language camp that will help you OVERCOME YOUR LANGUAGE BARRIERS… that is what Angloville is all about!

As a language learner, you will stay in one of our beautiful venues in Poland / Hungary for 6 days and experience a full language immersion with native speakers from all over the world.

Angloville offers the most individualized language programmes in Europe. The student to native speaker ratio is “1 to 1” .

We help our clients improve their English through a series of conversations and activities. We do NOT teach in a classroom environment and we do NOT use books. An unforgettable cultural exchange experience is guaranteed!

Key Features of all Angloville camps:

  • Intensive language practice which helps students overcome barriers in speaking English
  • We do not teach in a classroom setting, we do not use books
  • 6 days of complete immersion in an „English Village”
  • 70h of practical, conversation-based interactions with native speakers
  • Different accents in one place (British, American, Australian, Irish)

You will overcome language barriers thanks to:

  • Being surrounded with English almost 24/7 in an Angloville „English village”
  • Ongoing ‘1 to 1’ interactions with native speakers of English
  • No communication in your local language
  • Practice of various role-plays, scenarios, cultural exchange and a very dynamic and practical programme.

How do I sign up?

If you’re excited to be part of one of these unique experiences, we look forward to hearing from you!

Please email us to Sign Up Now!