The Angloville Junior programme is a great opportunity for young native English-speakers to support ambitious youth aged 12-18 in their journey to fluency in English and higher education in English-speaking countries. Throughout these programmes you will have tons of fun during games, outdoor activities and laid-back speaking sessions, in the meantime learning about the local culture and meeting like-minded young travelers from around the world.

Who are the participants?

On each program, there are around 40 teenage students aged 12-18 and around 20 English-speaking volunteers. Our teenage participants are primary and secondary school students, many of them have never had a chance to speak English with native speakers but want to gain confidence and fluency, some are already planning their university studies abroad.

Our English-speaking volunteers are university students, recent graduates and other enthusiastic people aged 18-35. They like to travel, explore new places and cultures and help others. The various speaking sessions and other activities will give you a chance to get to know and make friends with our local participants and your fellow volunteers alike. Many of our volunteers still keep in touch even years after the programme, and sometimes even visit each other later.

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What will my day consist of?

Schedule & Activities

You will be doing mostly 2-on-1 (two students – one native speaker) and 1-on-1 speaking sessions but the programmes consist of group activities, cultural sessions, studying abroad sessions and a lot of fun games, sports activities and a field trip.

On the first day you will have a chance to get to know your group as the coordinators will introduce you to the programme. Later in the afternoon, you will participate in games  and the first speaking sessions. Each day you will take part in various 50-60 minute sessions; you will also work with your assigned mentees on their presentations. Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) take an hour each and additionally, there is 1,5 hour of free time. After the whole day of sessions and activities, you will have a chance to rest and have fun in the evening during the social time. You are welcome to introduce and lead your favourite games!

One of the main attractions of the junior programme is a field trip or a workshop. Depending on the venue, you may do some trekking, take a boat trip, bake a bread or make traditional Polish “pierogis”. At the end of the programme, all students will show their presentations and you will all receive the Angloville certificate of participation.

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Pre-programme activities

We invite you to participate in our free walking tour of your departure city! The tours take place one day before the programmes usually between 10 am and 2 pm. They are not mandatory but highly recommended, as you will have a chance to see the most beautiful places, get to know the history of the city, and eat a free lunch with some of your fellow volunteers. Our programme coordinator will also give you a short intro and briefing about the coming week along with some useful tips on how to make the most out of your stay with Angloville.

Programme versions and details

Regular Angloville Junior programmes take 7 days between Sunday and Saturday.

  • Start: Sunday (between 6am and 12 pm)
  • End: Saturday (between 4 pm and 8 pm)
  • Free walking tour: Saturday – one day before the programme (between 10 am and 2 pm)

Requirements and limitations:

  • Age limit: 18-35
  • Clean criminal record required, for safety of our underaged participants
  • Consumption of alcohol or drugs is not permitted on our programmes

Supplementary information

Accommodation & meals:

  • Programmes are typically organized in countryside hotels, hostels and lodges, available amenities are described under Angloville venues.
  • As a volunteer you will be accommodated in a shared room with fellow native-speakers of the same sex. Rooms are usually twins with some triple and quadruple rooms at some venues.
  • All rooms have a bathroom.
  • Meals consist of a buffet breakfast, 2 or 3 set courses for lunch and 1 or 2 set courses for dinner. If you have any dietary restrictions, please conact our recruitment team in advance.
  • Some venues may not be able to cater to certain dietary needs (e.g. vegan), please contact our recruitment team to confirm whether the selected accommodation has the option you desire.
  • Meals typically reflect the local cousine of the country/region, which may be different from what you are accustomed to at home (e.g. in Poland, people typically eat a lot more meat and potatoes).

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