Magda, Angloville: Hello Stephanie. When did you first take part in Angloville?

 Stephanie: Hi Magda. My first Angloville program took place in Budapest, Hungary in November 2019. Saturday November 2nd, we were given a city tour and the official program started on November 3rd at Sarlospuszta Club hotel which was just outside Budapest on a lovely farm. My second Angloville program was held in Slovakia in the Tatra Mountains March 8-13,2002. I do plan on signing up for more upcoming programs later this year.

Magda, Angloville: How did you find out about the program?


Stephanie: I love to travel so I do get lot’s of different ads on Facebook and one night I saw the ad on Facebook and clicked to read more about the program. I was so excited that I emailed to get more information that night and within a couple hours, I received a phone call from one of the recruiters at Angloville. I did a phone interview and within 24 hours, I had my flights booked.

Magda, Angloville: How do you evaluate your participation in the program?

Stephanie: I am an extrovert and really enjoyed all of the activities with the participants and volunteers. I always felt I could openly share and participate. All of the volunteers and participants were amazing and we formed great bonds! I feel I was a better mentor after my first program and I feel each program I participate in will make me a stronger mentor.

Magda, AnglovilleWhat chances Angloville gave you?

Stephanie: My goal is to teach English online and abroad and I learned a lot and also gained great experience through both of these programs. Angloville programs are a great resume/CV builder and will make me a stronger candidate on my upcoming interviews.

Magda, AnglovilleWhat did you learn during the program?

Stephanie: I learned a lot during both programs! I really enjoyed role playing the different scenarios with the participants I also learned a lot from the fellow volunteers. For example, during the last program, I learned different ways to correct and teach the participants.

Magda, AnglovilleWhat was the most interesting experience connected with camp?

Stephanie: I really enjoyed finding out what made the participant decide to enroll in Angloville and why learning English was so important to them. Knowing their why made it easier for me to teach and work with them. I also really enjoyed learning some words in Hungarian and Slovak. 

Stephanie Coonradt

Stephanie Coonradt

Stephanie with Angloville Friends

Stephanie with Angloville Friends during camp