Brace yourself! Winter is coming…

Biting cold, snow drifts, snowflakes sneaking underneath your collar, freezing eyelids, stiff limbs, frost mustache under your nose. Sounds familiar? Maybe not for everybody, but for the Poles it is an annual struggle. Do you want to know how we deal with it? Here are five tips:

  1. Do you know that ogres have layers? Well, Poles have them too, at least during winter!

Do not even think about leaving the house without at least ten layers of warm clothing, including granny’s underwear. You will probably look like a confused John Snow, or alternatively, an unattractive bear with limited freedom of movement. However, we guarantee it’s worth it. Do you feel ugly? So what! You must not complain, but practice your own persistence and eradicate any sense of style or fashion sense. In the set of must-have clothes we recommend wool socks, the more fluff the better. At home you can apply the “burrito” method, that is, wrapping yourself in a thick blanket and pretending that winter is just a bad dream.

  1. Eat, pray, love. With an emphasis on “eat”

Speaking of burritos, diet is one of the most important factors necessary for survival during Polish winter. Without sunlight our body needs vitamins, so fruits and vegetables are desirable. Once in a while you can allow yourself something sweet (cheesecake and gingerbread are so yummy!). Hot chocolate provides the body with endorphins, you know hormones of happiness. Furthermore, nothing warms up like tea with milk, honey and cinnamon (necessary in this order, otherwise it will taste like a worn-out sock dipped in water).

  1. “I like to move it, move it…”

Winter time is a great opportunity to try some winter sports like ice skating or skiing. Sports improve blood circulation and are great entertainment, replacing frying on the beach and climbing mountains in high heels. Make yourself fit for the summer, your revealing bathing suit will be grateful! Even the simplest activity such as sledding on the sidewalk in the city center provides great entertainment and a dose of adrenaline. Especially if the police will catch you. Even thinking about it can warm you up!

  1. Poindexters live longer!

In addition to physical form, one should also think about this psychic one. There is nothing more wonderful than a comfortable armchair, a blanket (“burrito” method applies!) and a good book. We highly recommend Polish authors such as Olga Tokarczuk and Jakub Żulczyk. Even if you do not like reading books, that’s okay! You can cover yourself with them, at least you’ll be warmer.

  1. Be creative

Do things which do not require being outside. Visit escape rooms or the SPA, try knitting or watch  Netflix shows. Binge watch Downtown Abbey or Doctor Who. Learn a new language or share the knowledge you already have, for example by taking part in Angloville as a Native Speaker.

Bonus round!

Visit places where it’s warm. Cinemas, theaters, friends’ houses, restaurants. You can hide somewhere in the corner and pretend you’re interested in something more than free heating.

Summing up, Polish winter may be problematic, but with ideas and proper attitude you will survive and enjoy it. It’s an opportunity to develop new interests and to try every chocolate species known to mankind.