I decided to live abroad: a testimonial by Whitney White

So – you’ve decided. You want to live abroad. Maybe you’re ready for a career change, or looking for adventure after retiring. Perhaps you just graduated from university and feel a little lost, or you simply want to spend a few months in Europe and boost your resume along the way. Now for the hard part: figuring out that first step. For me, the answer was earning my TEFL certification, and the flexibility and freedom that choice has given me in building a life abroad has me convinced it can work for you, too.

My TEFL Experience

My TEFL journey started during the first-wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. After getting sent home from my semester abroad, I was determined to find a way to return to Europe once the world reopened. I had never considered teaching as a career path, but enrolled in an online TEFL course to give it a chance. Long story short: what started as essentially a way to kill time during quarantine ended up being the best decision of my life.

In a few short weeks, I earned my certificate and began teaching lessons online. This alone made the experience worth it, as I gained an extra stream of income which helped me save enough money to make moving abroad possible.

My New Life in Spain

Even with a freshly minted certificate and minimal experience, I was surprised to find how many opportunities I immediately had access to worldwide. After considering my options, I settled on moving to Spain through a government-run programme. Since October, I have been teaching part time at a high school in Granada and also continuing to teach online. While the flexibility of my job has allowed me to travel around Spain and abroad, working alongside local teachers and students has helped me integrate into the community and made my experience even more meaningful. 

Though I am enjoying my time in Spain, I love how much freedom I have to move elsewhere. As a TEFL-certified teacher – now with some experience – I can live and work virtually anywhere! It’s difficult to imagine a more fulfilling and flexible way to live abroad, and it’s comforting to know the experience I am gaining now can be applicable for a different career in the future. 

Why AngloTEFL?

If you’re considering a TEFL, you might be overwhelmed by the countless options available. While any certified programme will equip you with the basics of teaching English, they are not all created equal. Angloville’s AngloTEFL Scholarship is a unique programme that, in addition to offering an accredited online course, provides participants with practical classroom experience in Europe and exclusive access to jobs and internships afterwards. 

AngloTEFL graduates walk away from the programme with all the qualifications they need to land great ESL jobs in Europe and beyond. If you want to maximise the opportunities available to you as an English teacher as quickly as possible, the AngloTEFL Scholarship is the perfect choice. Earning a TEFL was my ticket to living the expat life, and Angloville can help make it happen for you!

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