A selection of the best moments in 2023

What is Angloville? 

Angloville is a cultural exchange programme that runs across Europe but has a special focus on Poland during wintertime. The aim is to bring international participants together by overcoming language barriers in a non-traditional sense. There are no lessons, no classrooms and no formal teaching. English is the language that is spoken throughout, and a wide range of participants who take part are from many countries all around the world. Creating a perfect cultural opportunity!

Discover our ski programmes in the Tatras Mountains, the Polish ‘Alps’

Our Winter ski programme are the highlight of the season! There are FREE ski sessions to enjoy skiing in the week. It’s a great way to give it a go with your new friends around you for support and fun. You’re so close to the mountains that they welcome you in with their beauty, and the hotel is within perfect distance to access the slopes. This is such a main highlight and bonus I haven’t seen anywhere else, also it is all so well organised with allocated spots and a bus that pickups up and drops off’s daily. The ski equipment is all provided from your skis, helmet and poles. You don’t have to think much, just ski!

A selection of the best moments

The programmes last from five days to a week in duration and put both the International Participants and English learners in beautiful surroundings. Everything from the transport  after the meetup, accommodation at the venues, and three meals a day are all provided. Taking out the stress and worries about the details.

The days are structured into English topics and activities on rotation to ensure everyone has a chance to speak to new people. It isn’t just speaking though, there’s also group work and fun games to get involved with. So while you’re enjoying meeting new people and learning new things you can enjoy the venue’s facilities such as the pools and spas. What a great way to talk while soaking up the views around you.

Look how much our particpants liked our programme this winter

“My highlight has been the skiing. It was my first experience. I’ve loved meeting everyone from everywhere” – Hungary

“I’ve really enjoyed the ski programme, the location and the mountains.” – England

“I took some people who’ve not skied before and I found it really rewarding how grateful they were”. – England

“All expenses have been covered, that’s exceeded all expectations” – Kazakhstan

“It’s all been very interesting, the food is so different to France with different tastes. I’ve been enjoying learning about Polish culture.” – France

“ I love seeing the snow, it’s just so different to what I am used to.” – England

What are you waiting for? 

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