Hotel Wawrzyniak*** (2 hours from Poznan)

Wawrzyniak Hotel is a beautiful hotel located in Western Poland. It boasts a sleek and modern design, combined with a warm and welcoming ambiance, making it the perfect choice for our Cultural Immersion Programme.

There is also a forest garden, surrounded by green landscapes, ideal for a walk or a run during your free-time.

Discover local delicious cuisine at the hotel’s restaurant, which offers a wide range of Polish and international dishes.

Wawrzyniak Hotel also provides a range of services, including 24-hour reception, laundry service, etc.

Main Features

Accommodation settingsDetailsBathroomDietary options
Twin rooms

Triple rooms

Single beds

Sofa beds

With ensuite bathroomUnrestricted and vegetarian options.Vegan option limited.
Air conditioningToiletriesLaundrySingle room option
Not availableSoap, shampoo and towels onlyLaundry service available(50 PLN, 4 kg max)Not available

Additional Facilities & Services

Free Wi-Fi

✅ Vegetarian & vegan options

✅ Flat-screen TV

✅ All rooms are equipped with modern amenities

📍Perzyce 46, 63-760 Zduny, Poland


✅ Laundry service, etc.

✅ Traditional Polish & international cuisine

✅ Laundry service, etc.

✅ 24-hour reception

✅ Air conditioning



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