Hotel Ameliówka*** Mąchocice Kapitulne (2 hours from Kraków, 3 hours from Katowice & Warsaw)

Hotel Ameliówka is a family-run hotel in a beautiful, peaceful location in the heart of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains near the valley of the Lubrzanka River. The venue is located 10 km from the centre of Kielce and 8 km from the highest summit of the mountain range, Łysica. The local microclimate and high content of iodine in the air – exceeding even seaside levels – are said to have a positive and relaxing influence on one’s health.

Each room features a private bathroom and Wi-Fi. Guests can enjoy the outdoors strolling along the river or wandering through the nearby forests. Before or after exploring the area, visitors can enjoy the hotel’s many facilities, including a sauna, gym, basketball court, and jacuzzi. The hotel also offers a billiards table and fireplace for indoor entertainment and relaxation.

Main Features

Accommodation settingsDetailsBathroomDietary options
Twin rooms

Triple rooms

Single beds

Sofa beds

With ensuite bathroomUnrestricted and vegetarian options

Vegan option very limited

Air conditioningToiletriesLaundrySingle room option
Soap and towels onlyLaundry service available

(25 PLN, cash only)

Not available

Additional Facilities & Services

Free Wi-Fi (Limited)

Vegetarian options available

✅ Fireplace

✅ Table tennis, darts & billiards

📍 Hotel Ameliówka, Mąchocice Kapitulne, ul. Bohdana Kosińskiego 2, 26-001 Masłów

✅ Car park

✅ Badminton equipment

✅ Laundry service

✅ Jacuzzi & sauna


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