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How to get your FE/VET students TEFL trained and fully funded with Angloville & Turing Scheme?

Since 2011, Angloville has taken pride in recruiting over 4 000 participants for cultural exchange programmes in Europe and assisting 500 of them in becoming professional ESL (English as a Second Language) teachers annually.

We offer a UK-accredited and globally recognized TEFL certification along with a fully funded 4-week curriculum within our educational programmes.


◾ Accredited TEFL + 3-Week Practicum 

Our TEFL training combines an online course with real-life practice experience. Our practice programme pairs international English speakers with local English learners, many of whom are successful professionals or ambitious youth, for enjoyable and enriching discussions in English—covering personal, academic, or business topics.

◾ 4-Week Internship Across Europe

Angloville is an incredible way to travel on a budget, discover local culture and traditions, all while staying in comfortable 3-star venues. It’s also a unique opportunity to network with peers from 12+ nationalities and make friends from all across the world.

➕ International Teaching Career

The TEFL scholarship is designed as a stepping stone to an international teaching career. Angloville’s job board advertises paid positions such as online mentor, activity leader, or programme coordinator. Many of our alumni now live abroad, and Asia, particularly China, Thailand, Hong Kong, or Vietnam, is their favorite destination.


4-week internship 

Angloville is the perfect blend of a globally recognized TEFL course, solid practicum, and an enjoyable travel abroad experience.

120h online TEFL course 

The general course on teaching fundamentals will equip trainees with key areas of language acquisition and practice. 

30h TEFL-Pro “Young Learners” course

This additional module will specialize trainees in teaching methods specifically developed for young learners, such as kids and teenagers

Globally recognized ESL certificate 

The TEFL certificate is accredited by Highfield, ODLQC and ACDL in the UK and is recognized by language schools across the world.


3-week live training on our programmes

Our Angloville programmes incorporates conversations, workshops, role-plays, games, etc, providing a solid practice experience.


Accommodation & transport

Our funded internship includes accommodation, meals*, and transport from the departure city and back during the duration of the programme.


City tour & fun-packed activities

Angloville organizes city tours every Saturday, as well as fun-packed activities during the free-time week.

All included!


In-country support

We offer police clearance guidance in the UK and USA, in-country assistance, and job search support for all our trainees.



*What is included in our price?

Our four-week internship includes:
✔️ 120-hour TEFL certification course

Online course. Accredited by Highfield, ODLQC and ACDL.

✔️ 30-hour TEFL-Pro “Teaching Young Learners” course

Online specialisation module, in addition to the main TEFL course.

✔️ Cultural exchange programme with hotel accommodation & full board for 3 weeks

Including full board, from Sunday to Saturday (7 days, 6 nights each). Total: 18 nights in shared rooms, with ensuite bathrooms.

✔️ 3 extra nights in Warsaw

Hostel accommodation, covering the Saturday night before the programme starts and the two Saturday nights in between programmes.

✔️ 3-day Warsaw city pass

Included free admissions to 20+ Warsaw top attractions (museums, monuments) and discounts on featured attractions and city tours.

✔️ 8 nights in a shared dorm hostel accommodation

7 days and 8 nights in hostel accommodation for a leisure week to explore the departure city.

✔️ Job board access

Paid position with Angloville: online mentor, activity leader, programme coordinator and many more.

2-hour walking tour of Warsaw every Saturday


Bus transport from Warsaw to the venues and back


Unrestricted & vegetarian diets during the programme


An Angloville diploma upon completion of each programme


A letter of reference by Angloville


In-country support for the duration of the programme


Advice on obtaining DBS (police clearance)





How Does it Work?

The cost of the 4-week TEFL internship is £1,950, and Angloville will advance the fees and make all the pre-bookings on your behalf.

We provide the 150-hour TEFL course, accommodation, and full board during the 3-week cultural exchange program, 7 nights in a hostel during a free-time week, and much more*.

Through the Turing Scheme, in collaboration with UK FE/VET Organizations, participants can receive a subsidy of up to £1,988 to cover their living costs in Poland, for instance. 

Overall, the cost of the Angloville 4-week TEFL training and stay will be close to zero for your students.

Accredited TEFL training & fun cultural exchange

🎓 Get TEFL Certified

For over 10 years, Angloville has been providing globally recognized TEFL real-life teaching training, offering an amazing opportunity to make new friends while traveling abroad!

✈️ Explore Poland

During the summer, Angloville runs over 10 programs every week, departing from Warsaw. Our funded internship is an incredible way to travel on a budget.



What does our 4-week internship include?

150H Level 3 TEFL course & specialization

◼️ Globally Recognized TEFL course

Our TEFL Scholarship, developed in partnership with PremierTEFL, arms you with 120-hour online TEFL Course and a 30-hour specialization module (Teaching Young Learners). The course guides you through four key areas of language acquisition, which include reading, speaking, writing, and pronunciation. 

◼️ Pedagogical Knowledge

You will gain insights into the intricacies of teaching English to non-native speakers, become well-versed in English grammar terminology, and learn how to effectively teach it to students of all levels.

◼️ Teaching Fundamentals

You will learn how to manage classroom and student behavior in an efficient manner, as well as discover methods to create engaging and effective learning materials, both text-based and digital, to enhance language use. 


➕ Additional information

🔹 120 hour accredited online training (10 modules) 🔹 30h TEFL-Pro “Teaching Young Learners” specialist course 🔹 Internationally recognized certificate to teach online & abroad 🔹 Free guide & Teaching English Online course Lifelong certification & reference letter 🔹 Teaching Online lesson plans 🔹 Personal tutor support

280-Hour Live-Practice Training

◼️ 4-Week Practicum Training

Angloville organizes a 4-week practicum training for you in our comfortable venues across Europe. You will engage with English learners for about 4 hours between breakfast and lunch and another 4 hours in the afternoon. We’ll also be playing games, organizing group activities, etc. (2 hours), and there’s social time after dinner. 

◼️ Full Board Included 

You will be accommodated in a shared room at our venues, with three meals a day. We also organize a free city tour with a professional guide the day before the programme starts, giving you time to explore local culture and history.

◼️ Have Fun

But that’s not all. We also want to ensure you get a leisurely vibe! You can enjoy 1.5 hours of free time each afternoon, during which you can use the hotel facilities such as a pool, spa, outdoor activities, etc.

➕ Additional information

🔹 Duration: 3 weeks, approx. 210h practicum 🔹Programmes start every Sunday morning, before 10:00 AM 🔹 Students: 12-18 YO (Junior) or 35+ (Adults) 🔹 Over 50 local & international participants in each programme 🔹 Suitable for beginners & non-native speakers 🔹Departure cities: Warsaw 🔹 Transport from the departure city and back 🔹 Full board (meals & accommodation) included during the 3 programmes 🔹 City tours & fun-packed activities 🔹 Police clearance support




   ✔️ Be over 18+

   ✔️ Have a C2 level of English as per the CEFRL levels 

   ✔️ Have a clear criminal record check (DBS)

   ✔️ No teaching experience required

   ✔️ Be a FE/VET student in a partnered organization.

   ✔️ Be eligible to the Turing funding and/or UK government grants

   ✔️ Demonstrate interest in education, teaching skills, and the ability to work abroad

Where to Go This Summer?

Angloville operates weekly cultural exchange programmes across Europe. However, to facilitate your 4-week TEFL training abroad and to help manage your budget, we have pre-arranged four programme packages in Poland, starting this summer.

Departure city: Warsaw, Poland.


JUNE 29 – JULY 27, 2024


Saturday, June 29, before noon


Niegocin Resort, 3* star hotel


Niegocin Resort, 3* star hotel


Osada Dankow, 3* star hotel


Hostel in Warsaw


Saturday, July 27, before dinner


ARRIVALSaturday, July 20, before noon
WEEK 1Niegocin Resort, 3* star hotel
WEEK 2Niegocin Resort, 3* star hotel
WEEK 3Osada Dankow 3* star hotel
WEEK 4Hostel in Warsaw
DEPARTURE Saturday, August 17, before dinner

JUNE 29 – JULY 27, 2024

ARRIVALSaturday, June 29, before noon
WEEK 1Osada Dankow, 3* star hotel
WEEK 2Osada Dankow, 3* star hotel
WEEK 3Niegocin Resort, 3* star hotel
WEEK 4Hostel in Warsaw
DEPARTURE Saturday, July 27, before dinner



Saturday, July 20, before noon


Ameliowka, 3* star hotel


Ameliowka, 3* star hotel


Lipowy Most 3* star hotel


Hostel in Warsaw


Saturday, August 17, before dinner

Job Opportunities After TEFL Certification

Online Mentor

Angloville Meets is a unique online project that pairs our students with their favorite mentors from the programme. This Online Mentor position is compensated. Your profile will undergo approval based on strict requirements, including your performance on the programme, the lead coordinator’s approval, etc.

Programme staff

Angloville offers a variety of paid positions in our programmes to our exceptionally successful international participants. If you have demonstrated outstanding performance during our programmes and have genuine skills in management, mentoring, or teaching.

Job boards



Unlock exciting paid opportunities with Angloville for certified TEFL trainees! They get access to our job board and receive a letter of recommendation for one of our partnered schools in Poland.


Frequently asked questions


TEFL presents an exclusive opportunity to obtain certification as a “Teacher of English as a Foreign Language.” Our scholarship encompasses a 120-hour online course that equips you with diverse teaching techniques, ready to be applied during your participation in an Angloville 3-programme practicum package.

Since 2011, we have taken pride in enlisting over 4,000 mentors, with 500 of them annually progressing to become accomplished ESL (English as a Second Language) educators. Our programme serves as a stepping stone towards a teaching vocation and career while exploring the globe. A substantial number of our alumni currently reside abroad, with Asia, particularly China, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Vietnam, being their preferred destinations.

In partnership with Premier TEFL, Angloville extends this opportunity to you. Upon successful completion of the course and programmes, you will be awarded a TEFL certificate, enriching your credentials.


The online course is part of our TEFL Scholarship. There are two parts of the Scholarship:

  • online course provided by Premier TEFL
  • in-person teaching practice provided by Angloville

Premier TEFL is an Irish organization accredited by TQUK and ACDL.  The 120-hour online course serves as a valuable complement to our 3-week practicum training. This module guides you through four key areas of language acquisition, which include reading, speaking, writing, and pronunciation. 

The course consists of 10 modules. There is a 10-question test after each module with questions related to the information provided. 

By completing this course, you will acquire the skills necessary to plan and deliver effective lessons that align with student and class learning objectives. Additionally, you will gain insights into the intricacies of teaching English to non-native speakers, become well-versed in English grammar terminology, and learn how to effectively teach it to students of all levels.

Furthermore, you will learn how to manage classroom and student behavior in an efficient manner, as well as discover methods to create engaging and effective learning materials, both text-based and digital, to enhance language use. Moreover, the course will show you how to leverage social media platforms like TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and Buzzfeed to effectively engage with your students.

As you progress through the course, your confidence as a new teacher will grow, preparing you to step into your first class with ease. Additionally, you will be equipped to search for entry-level jobs on online platforms or work as a freelance teacher.

🔹 Details

  • Duration: 6 months course access
  • Average time to complete: 3-6 weeks
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Study 100% online using the TEFL app
  • Self-led study schedule

🔹 Included in the TEFL Scholarship:

  • 120 hour accredited online training (10 modules) 
  • Internationally recognized certificate to teach online & abroad
  • Free guide &  Teaching English Online course Lifelong certification & reference letter
  • Free Teaching Online lesson plans
  • Personal tutor support
  • Jobs coaching seminars & exclusive jobs board membership (with PremierTEFL)
  • 26 hours live Zoom classes (optional, with PremierTEFL)


Angloville believes in the importance of thorough preparation. Once your application is complete, Angloville will provide you with online training to equip you for your upcoming experience. This preparatory training, called “Know-How” training, consists of a 60-minute video module accompanied by a quiz.

Throughout the programme, you will also receive guidance from your dedicated Coordinators team. On the first day, they will provide you with a comprehensive briefing covering programme details, student information, the code of conduct, and Angloville’s teaching best practices. Our team of staff members is readily available to assist you during the programme. You’re encouraged to seek help whenever needed during your stay, as our team comprises trained professionals with teaching expertise.


Angloville presents a distinctive and revolutionary approach to teaching. We steer clear of conventional, mundane lessons, academic routines, and grammar-focused courses. There are no textbooks, no traditional classrooms involved!

The Angloville programme is designed to instill confidence in English conversation through a modern and practical approach. This is precisely what our students eagerly expect from the programme: the ability to converse in English just as it flows on the streets of London, within the meeting room of major international corporations in the US, or even in the comfort of homes in Australia.

Rest assured, Angloville will provide you with the necessary materials, sparing you the need to bring your own. However, you’re more than welcome to bring along images from your hometown, your family and friends, local customs, and any other materials you deem interesting. Our participants are genuinely intrigued about your life and the cultural traditions of your home country!


Once you’ve acquired our premier TEFL qualification, it’s important to note that certain international schools might stipulate specific prerequisites.

To the best of our knowledge, if you hold native fluency, opportunities to teach English span across Europe, Asia, South America, and the Middle East. However, it’s worth mentioning that the countries listed below typically uphold stringent qualifications and exacting hiring criteria, often precluding non-native English teachers: Indonesia, Japan, Kuwait, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Thailand, UAE and Vietnam.

There are also many websites dedicated to finding TEFL jobs such as, and


The TEFL certification consists of a 4-programme practicum (280 hours) and a 120-hour online course.

Our 4-week practicum package offers up to 280 hours of live teaching using a disruptive method: we refrain from using books, traditional classroom teaching, and teaching grammar directly. Instead, we focus on practicing English through enjoyable and casual activities. This dynamic schedule guarantees a diverse and engaging programme, preventing monotony and ensuring the active participation of all participants.

Our TEFL course includes 120 hours of study, and you are allotted a span of 90 days to accomplish it. The duration of completion varies from one student to another, contingent upon individual learning preferences. Some participants have successfully wrapped up the course over a single week, while others have utilized the entire 90-day timeframe. The course is structured into 10 modules, each culminating in a 10-question test. A successful passage of the test is a prerequisite to progressing to the subsequent module.

Creating a strategic plan is essential! For instance, you might opt to tackle one or two modules per day, with designated breaks in between. The key is to establish a routine that resonates with your learning style and adhere to it consistently. With dedication, you’ll swiftly navigate through the course, achieving completion in a remarkably efficient manner.


If you aspire to start a professional teaching career, Angloville offers several pathways:

  • Join our Angloville Meets project and engage in online teaching
  • Become an ESL mentor, an activity leader, or a coordinator within our programme
  • Get a letter of recommendation for our partner schools
The sole prerequisite is that you have demonstrated exceptional participation in our programme and received commendable feedback not only from our students but also from our programme’s Coordinator team.

To find a job on your own with a TEFL qualification, we suggest using online job boards, TEFL-specific websites, and social media to discover job postings. Other valuable sources include government programs, private language schools, international schools, and online teaching platforms. One of our proven tips is to identify countries with a high demand for English teachers and consider your preferences regarding location and culture first to narrow your job search. Don’t hesitate to attend TEFL conferences, workshops, or local language exchange events to network with other teachers and potential employers.


Angloville includes shared rooms in the package of benefits for our programmes.

During Kids, Junior, Family, and International programmes, participants will share a room with up to 4 other participants of the same gender and similar age. It’s important to note that we have a limited number of twin rooms available on these programmes. Most of our venues offer triple rooms, always with private bathrooms, and a minority have quadruple rooms.

Angloville offers vegetarian and vegan options at most of our venues. The availability of these options and the specific meals served may vary depending on the country and the hotel restaurant. 

Accommodating dietary preferences and restrictions such as halal, kosher, gluten-free, or lactose-free are challenging due to the local culture and gastronomy. We understand that these dietary needs are important, and we apologise for the difficulty in providing suitable options. 

Our current setup involves serving a group menu rather than offering à la carte options.

Therefore, if you have dietary restrictions related to meat, we recommend choosing the vegetarian option. If you have restrictions regarding dairy or milk, we suggest selecting the vegan option if available.

Note that meals for our programme are ordered in advance, and unfortunately, it may not be possible to make further changes to your dietary option.


Generally, the meeting point is located in the city centre, near convenient public transport (bus, metro, tram, etc) or taxi (Uber, Bolt, FreeNow, etc). In Poland, we suggest using this website for local city transport: 

We will include all the important information in an info-pack (4 weeks before the programme starts). We can not send this information earlier as external factors or unforeseen circumstances can occur, and we want to ensure that we give the most up-to-date  information to everyone. 

The departure might be early in the morning, between 7:00 AM – 11:00 AM. We will communicate the exact departure time with the infopack. It’s very important to be at the meeting point 10-15 minutes before the requested time. Our bus will leave on time and unfortunately, if you are late, the only way that you can join us on a programme is to get there at your own cost. Many of our venues are very isolated, and so joining us will be very difficult and costly. 

Angloville advises International Participants to arrive 1 day before the programme starts. However, we don’t cover these additional expenses (such as shuttle from the airport, hotel room, etc). 

To arrive at the first start city, we recommend: to look for some good flight deals. Budget airlines within Europe (Wizz air and Ryanair) do have some great deals for the upcoming months, with fares starting from 30 GBP! 

If you visit several cities in the host country, please check your itinerary is realistic. For moving between programmes and start cities, there are budget buses within Europe (, trip & itinerary scheduler ( and trains (,

We have to exercise utmost caution when predicting the return time of the Angloville bus to the departure city. Unforeseen circumstances, such as delays due to traffic, group issues, or other factors, can occur during the journey. Generally, we aim to have the bus back in the city centre by 18:00, but it’s important to be aware that the drop-off point for intercity or international connections may not be conveniently located near the Central train station, bus station, or airport.

Based on our past experiences, catching a train, bus, or carpool for an intercity connection on the same day has posed no issues.

However, we recommend practising prudence when scheduling a flight, as it may be more unpredictable (distance to the airport, check-in procedures, security checks, etc.): as a general recommendation, we advise our international participants to consider booking their flights no earlier than 23:00, if feasible, or to opt for a departure on the following day. This will allow them to have sufficient time and rest before their flight.

Please keep in mind that the given time is a forecast, and we cannot guarantee it. Our staff will do their best to arrive on time, or even earlier if possible.


  • Flights from home to the departure city and back ( although may be financed through the Turing scheme)
  • All meals during free time week
  • Additional activities not included in the package and/or in the 72h Warsaw City Pass
  • Extra Expenses (souvenirs, bar expenses) during the programme
  • Police clearance application fee
  • Visa support of any kind
  • Travel and health insurances


We understand the importance of financial considerations for students participating in our programme abroad. On average, consumer prices in Warsaw are 42% lower than in London and 25%  lower than in Birmingham, according to recent data on Numbeo.

We have detailed and budgeted all expenses not covered by Angloville for your review:

  • Flight: We recommend using to compare flights and find the best deals. For instance, in February 2024, the average prices were:
    • From London to Warsaw: £53 in June, £175 in July, one way. 
    • From Birmingham to Warsaw: £70 in June, £130 in July, one way. 
    • From Belfast to Warsaw: £150 in June & July, one way. 
    • From Dublin to Warsaw: £116 in June & July, one way. 
  • Public transport: 3,40 PLN for a 20 min ticket (£0,66)
  • Meals: £8, including a main dish and a drink in a restaurant 
  • Enhanced DBS check: Special price for your students: £10 through Angloville, as opposed to the regular price of £38.
  • Insurances: The cost for a single trip is between £12 and £16 for individuals with no pre-existing health conditions. Angloville recommends health and travel insurance.
  • Refundable deposit: 149 EUR (£127) is required for pre-booking spots on the three Angloville programmes and a week off at our partner venues for 29 days. This deposit will be deducted from the total fee of £480 for the 4-week TEFL internship, which is payable at least 30 days before the programme starts.

What Do Our Alumni Think of Angloville?

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Angloville In Numbers

10 000+ participants every year
500 TEFL trainees annually
250 programmes in 2024
40+ staff members to help you
Featured in: Lonely Planet, Forbes, Fashion Magazine, Travel Magazine, Glasgow Guardian.

stephen pepper
stephen pepper
Whatever your age (speaking as someone in the Autumn years) Angloville is an adventure,a fun,stimulating and very interesting way to spend some time, meeting Anglo’s from English speaking countries and local nationals / Poles/Hungarians etc. It is an opportunity to learn about the past/ present/ possible future direction of the host country and obviously to make friends and learn about local customs,traditions,,culture ,habits,sports,hobbies,folklore ,foods,drinks,dances etc… It is an enjoyable,memorable,bonding,worthwhile experience and there are always interesting evening entertainment events which with (or without) a drink or two make it fun and ‘party like’ the atmosphere is friendly and professional but not ‘micro managed’ or rigid.. If you like meeting people from all walks of life and talking and talking ,sharing experiences ,you should try the Angloville. experience. Sounds a bit ‘gushing’ and ‘OTT’..if you don’t ,try you will never know !
Callum Domigan
Callum Domigan
Brilliant experience. One of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done and I met lots of great people whilst doing it.
Jeremy Teitelbaum
Jeremy Teitelbaum
Great experience meeting people from Poland and fellow native speakers from all over the world. Angloville is a bit disorganized and lacks effective communication with volunteers.
michael Ratcliffe
michael Ratcliffe
I was delighted to take part in the programme as an English teaching tutor.had such a good time helping people and meeting some really nice people…The organisation was superb and supportive of both mentors and mentees ..will be doing this again…
Tim Oakley
Tim Oakley
For me, my first of eight sessions so far, was a life changing experience. I learnt the joy of teaching and learning from new friends both participants and fellow mentors. Friendships that have lasted for two years and are still as strong, if not stronger as we remain in contact. Absolutely love the experience. Two years after this post, I am still meeting wonderful people and making new friends. It is always a pleasure to reconnect with past partispants and mentors. So much kindness and humor. It is now difficult to visit a town in Poland where I don’t have a friend. Thank you all.
Amit Kang
Amit Kang
Venue was beautiful. Polish and English organizers and participants were all fab. It was a fun learning and teaching experience.
atwine henrietta
atwine henrietta
It’s an amazing experience, getting to meet new people from different parts of the world that you eventually become friends with. The opportunity to see new cities is amazing.
Alice Adams
Alice Adams
So firstly I would say this is a very full on experience. You will be socialising from 8:30-21:30 every day, with a 1hr break after lunch for free time. With the Ski program we also had 3 mornings/afternoons off for skiing and with the adult programs we didn’t do every conversation session or activity as there were more native speakers than participants. I did find the first few days a bit much, but once I’d got used to it I thoroughly enjoyed my 3 weeks with Angloville as a native speaker. I had Zara and Mairead as my coordinators, and they were both amazing. Super understanding if you needed an extra break or time off for meetings/interviews. They both really helped the group to gel well together and created a fun, open, accepting environment. I stayed at 3 locations, Willa Tatry (junior SKI program), Bachledówka (adult) and Kurpia Arte (adult). Bachledówka was definitely the nicest hotel, Willa Tatry was good for exploring the village/skiing and nearby walks and Kurpia Arte was my least favourite hotel but had amazing, varied walks nearby. Overall, everyone I met during my 3 Angloville programs was super lovely, interesting and easy to talk to. This applies to both the native speakers and the Polish participants. Yes it was intensive, but nonetheless quite relaxed. It was also great I could study for TEFL certificate with Angloville as I completed 3 weeks of programs. The main cons I would say are that Angloville doesn’t provide accommodation in, or transport between, the departure cities. The accomodation affiliate linked on the Angloville website is also significantly more expensive than accomodation I could find online myself. Also they say the hotels will provide toiletries, but most don’t, so come prepared. In conclusion, I would definitely recommend Angloville to people, with a caution of how long the days are 🙂



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