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Greetings from Poland! We are all excited about the upcoming summer here in Poland.  It will be the biggest summer season for us since 2019 and we will welcome around 5000 people on our programmes!  #travelsafe #safeholidays

So, do you miss meeting new people🤝? 

Do you miss exploring new beautiful regions with free hotel, full board and great company 😍🤝 ? 

Grab a 50 EUR voucher to help you cover your flights and join Angloville in Poland this Summer!*   

* (conditions apply:

To qualify for the 50 EUR voucher: 

  • Sign up for minimum 2 programmes (6-7 days) in Poland taking place between 26 June – 27 July 2022

  • Transfer your security deposit within 24h from receiving Angloville’s confirmation email. You will receive the voucher within 7 days.

  • Valid for new enrollments occurring between 25.05.2022 and 10.06.2022

50 vouchers only, distributed on a first come first served basis. One voucher per person.

We have some amazing venues waiting for you to discover and enjoy!

Osada Dankow


Limba Grand & Resort


Niegocin Resort


Benefits 😍

6-7 days, all included️ ⭐️

Free food (3 meals a day) 🍕

Free accommodation (twin room, private bathroom, wifi) 🛌

Free transport from the departure city (Krakow, Warsaw, Wroclaw) 🚌

AngloTEFL scholarships (optional) 👩‍🏫

What to do & visit in Poland in the Summer?


Warsaw really has something for everyone; you can get lost in its historic buildings and museums, wander through grand outdoor spaces and royal gardens, dine to your stomach’s content in milk bars and molecular gastronomy restaurants and party till the wee hours in bars and upscale clubs. 

With so much to offer, it’s likely you’ll need to visit Warsaw more than once to truly get a feel for the place. Imagine if you could visit this city for free and meet locals who can help you immerse in the local culture?


Originally a part of Germany, Wroclaw was nearly destroyed during WWII. Today it is one of Poland’s most multicultural and bustling cities, as well as holding the title of the fourth largest city in the country. Wroclaw is very unique when compared to other Polish destinations, it is made up of 12 islands connected by roughly 130 bridges.
So if unique architecture, a rich history and a unique city appeals to you, Wroclaw won’t disappoint. Would you like to visit Wroclaw this year?

Wodka Museum

Located in the 19th-century building of the former Warszawska Wytwórnia Wódek Koneser vodka factory, this museum keeps the secret of the recipes of famous Polish vodkas such as Wyborowa and Luksusowa were created in it. The crowning point of the visit is a tasting at the Vodka Academy, where you can compare the flavours of vodkas from rye, wheat and potatoes.

Venice of the North

Known as the ‘Venice of the North’, Wroclaw is a network of islands connected by multiple bridges. So, pack your walking shoes and get exploring! Riverside parks and boats are excellent stops for a drink in the sun. We recommend starting in the old town and making your way out from there – the market square is beautiful and be sure to visit Cathedral Island.