Feeling the travel bug but scared to do it alone? Travelling can feel daunting, especially doing it for the first time. 

Angloville is great for taking those initial fears away as everyone is in the same boat. Not knowing what to expect or who will be there. 

So you’re looking to get around cheaply, found an Angloville programme that suits you and searched some interesting places you want to check out in the country after. The only problem is you’re not sure if you can handle doing it without knowing anyone.

You can learn so much being in a group setting, trust us once you’re there your nerves will wash over you as you’ll feel the welcoming atmosphere. You’ll meet amazing new people from different countries, and mingle with everyone because it’s an open space where everyone talks and learns from each other. After all, it is the place to talk! 

If you’re still feeling unsure about travelling alone don’t worry you don’t have to. Why not bring a friend along with you, just inform your recruiter that you’d like to be on the programme with a friend. And if you want, you can even request to share a room together to ease your way into it. 

At Angloville we try to accommodate and assist everyone’s needs. 

It’s all new experiences and different ways to travel, I’m sure once you’ve done it with a friend you’ll be feeling so confident you’ll want to return by yourself. 

The great thing about our programmes is joining alone but leaving with lifelong friends. 

What are you waiting for, come on over apply today!

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