Travel Abroad, Explore Europe and Make New Friends on Angloville's Sponsored Cultural Exchange Programmes.

Visit stunning places and meet inspiring people during one of the most popular cultural exchange programmes in Europe.

Angloville offers a new and exciting way to travel Europe: meet locals, take part in casual conversations and fun-packed activities while your board and lodging in beautiful hotels is covered. Additionally, you have the option to become a TEFL qualified English teacher in weeks thanks to our AngloTEFL Scholarship!

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What is Provided ✅

  • Free accommodation in beautiful hotels (shared rooms with ensuite bathroom)
  • Full board during your stay: discover local cuisine, vegetarian and vegan option are available.
  • Free city tours in multiple cities: Paris, Krakow, La Valetta, London, Warsaw, Milan & many more
  • 70-210h of hands-on ESL experience (and a TEFL teaching qualification after completing 3 weeks – if you wish)
  • An opportunity to connect with people from 10+ countries, make new friends, extend your network & grow.
  • Great Memories! Spend time with new friends from many different cultures while exploring Europe off-the-beaten path.

What is your role? Make international friends!

Your role is to simply participate in conversations and activities entirely in English – no teaching experience is necessary! Angloville ultimately aims to bring young travellers together. Each week you will meet approximately 60 new people. Like the thousands of participants before you, you can expect to walk away with new friendships and lifelong memories. What do you think?

Key Information About Angloville Programmes

Type of Programme

Language and cultural exchange.
Organised activities, conversations, workshops throughout each day.

What You Will Be Doing

Conversations with locals in English. Taking part in workshops and other activities. Fun socializing in the evenings. City tour before programmes.


Programmes starting weekly throughout the year. Typical length: 3 weeks.


Programmes in Poland, Hungary, Malta, UK.
Starting cities: Warsaw, Krakow, Budapest, London, Lija.
Programmes take place in comfortable countryside hotels surrounded by nature.


Package includes hotel accommodation, full board and support during programmes. Free city tour before programme. Transportation from starting city to the venue and back.


Angloville sponsors the participation of international participants up to 90%. A small registration and admin fee is payable to confirm your participation. Additional services available at extra cost.

What to Expect as an International Participant?

  • As an English-speaker you will join Angloville’s cultural exchange programmes as an international participant
  • International participants come from all around the world and from all walks of life and age groups
  • Your presence will help our local participants improve their English communication skills and their understanding of the English-language culture as all activities happen in English
  • You will have lots of conversations throughout the day with our local participants (teenagers, students or successful professionals from a variety of backgrounds)
  • You will also enjoy workshops, group activities and social events organized by our programme coordinators

Who Is It For?

  • Angloville programmes are ideal for those who like to meet other people, travel and explore new locations through the eyes of locals
  • Since our programmes involve a lot of conversations, a willingness to open up to others and share your passions and experiences is important
  • All our programmes happen in English, hence we prioritize applicants from a native English-speaking background or with native-level English skills
  • Angloville is not about nonstop parties and it involves following the schedule and guidelines of the programme. Maturity and flexibility are important in order to truly enjoy this experience.

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What Do Our Past Participants Think Of Angloville?

stephen pepper
stephen pepper
Whatever your age (speaking as someone in the Autumn years) Angloville is an adventure,a fun,stimulating and very interesting way to spend some time, meeting Anglo’s from English speaking countries and local nationals / Poles/Hungarians etc. It is an opportunity to learn about the past/ present/ possible future direction of the host country and obviously to make friends and learn about local customs,traditions,,culture ,habits,sports,hobbies,folklore ,foods,drinks,dances etc… It is an enjoyable,memorable,bonding,worthwhile experience and there are always interesting evening entertainment events which with (or without) a drink or two make it fun and ‘party like’ the atmosphere is friendly and professional but not ‘micro managed’ or rigid.. If you like meeting people from all walks of life and talking and talking ,sharing experiences ,you should try the Angloville. experience. Sounds a bit ‘gushing’ and ‘OTT’..if you don’t ,try you will never know !
Callum Domigan
Callum Domigan
Brilliant experience. One of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done and I met lots of great people whilst doing it.
Jeremy Teitelbaum
Jeremy Teitelbaum
Great experience meeting people from Poland and fellow native speakers from all over the world. Angloville is a bit disorganized and lacks effective communication with volunteers.
michael Ratcliffe
michael Ratcliffe
I was delighted to take part in the programme as an English teaching tutor.had such a good time helping people and meeting some really nice people…The organisation was superb and supportive of both mentors and mentees ..will be doing this again…
Tim Oakley
Tim Oakley
For me, my first of eight sessions so far, was a life changing experience. I learnt the joy of teaching and learning from new friends both participants and fellow mentors. Friendships that have lasted for two years and are still as strong, if not stronger as we remain in contact. Absolutely love the experience. Two years after this post, I am still meeting wonderful people and making new friends. It is always a pleasure to reconnect with past partispants and mentors. So much kindness and humor. It is now difficult to visit a town in Poland where I don’t have a friend. Thank you all.
Amit Kang
Amit Kang
Venue was beautiful. Polish and English organizers and participants were all fab. It was a fun learning and teaching experience.
atwine henrietta
atwine henrietta
It’s an amazing experience, getting to meet new people from different parts of the world that you eventually become friends with. The opportunity to see new cities is amazing.
Alice Adams
Alice Adams
So firstly I would say this is a very full on experience. You will be socialising from 8:30-21:30 every day, with a 1hr break after lunch for free time. With the Ski program we also had 3 mornings/afternoons off for skiing and with the adult programs we didn’t do every conversation session or activity as there were more native speakers than participants. I did find the first few days a bit much, but once I’d got used to it I thoroughly enjoyed my 3 weeks with Angloville as a native speaker. I had Zara and Mairead as my coordinators, and they were both amazing. Super understanding if you needed an extra break or time off for meetings/interviews. They both really helped the group to gel well together and created a fun, open, accepting environment. I stayed at 3 locations, Willa Tatry (junior SKI program), Bachledówka (adult) and Kurpia Arte (adult). Bachledówka was definitely the nicest hotel, Willa Tatry was good for exploring the village/skiing and nearby walks and Kurpia Arte was my least favourite hotel but had amazing, varied walks nearby. Overall, everyone I met during my 3 Angloville programs was super lovely, interesting and easy to talk to. This applies to both the native speakers and the Polish participants. Yes it was intensive, but nonetheless quite relaxed. It was also great I could study for TEFL certificate with Angloville as I completed 3 weeks of programs. The main cons I would say are that Angloville doesn’t provide accommodation in, or transport between, the departure cities. The accomodation affiliate linked on the Angloville website is also significantly more expensive than accomodation I could find online myself. Also they say the hotels will provide toiletries, but most don’t, so come prepared. In conclusion, I would definitely recommend Angloville to people, with a caution of how long the days are 🙂

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