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Cultural exchange programs. 7 countries, 8000 participants each year.

What is Angloville?

Angloville is the biggest provider of language immersion programmes in Poland, Hungary, Czechia and Romania.  We offer the opportunity for a unique experience that enables linguistic and cultural exchange between native English speakers and our local participants, most of whom are successful professionals or ambitious youths.

Our programmes take place in beautiful countryside venues where native speakers of English and local participants can learn and interact to improve communicative skills.

The English-speaking participants are volunteers who come from all over the English-speaking world. Angloville cooperates with the Foundation called ‘Rozwój Bez Granic’ [Development without Borders] which is the legal entity responsible for providing volunteer opportunities with Angloville and organizing volunteers’ stay.

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Meet the founders

Michal Zak

Michal Zak

Michal studied law in the UK where he realized how effective and effortless it was to learn and improve English in a native environment. He wanted to share this unique experience with as many people as possible in his native Poland, so he went on to found Angloville. Michal is passionate about start-ups, innovation and he is our in-house marketing guru. Michal loves playing basketball and is a true digital nomad.

Michal Kelles-Krauz

Michal Kelles-Krauz

Michal studied engineering in England and then finance and business in Warsaw. He started his first business during high-school. Michal co-founded Angloville with Michal Zak and has also been pursuing some other exciting start-up projects since. Michal is a numbers guy but he also takes great care developing the ever growing Angloville team. He plays football and loves traveling.

Alex Horvath

Alex Horvath

Alex joined the Angloville team after an 8-year career in management consulting. He studied business in Hungary and earned an MBA in the US. He later discovered his passion for entrepreneurship and joined the international development efforts of Angloville while also heading the Hungarian business. He plays water polo and plays classical music every now and then.

How you can help us

We believe that Angloville provides unique value to people around the world who want to overcome their speaking barriers and become fluent and self-confident in English. We are continuously looking for like-minded entrepreneurs who share our values and see the opportunity in bringing the Angloville concept to other markets.

Our unique approach to international growth is based on a mutual partnership: instead of building a franchise, we are building a network of passionate, driven and talented individuals. We aim at a two-way knowledge sharing and at a truly collaborative team where each country contributes to the development of every other country.

If your are looking for an entrepreneurial challenge, with a proven business model and service that provides real value to real people, we would love to talk to you about our future plans.

We promise to carefully consider any proposals you send us.


Legal information

Angloville International Ltd
Incorporated in Ireland. Company number: 596977
St Marys College
Emmet Place
Youghal, Co Cork
Tel: 09 70 44 99 97

[Foundation ‘Development without Borders’]Ul. Edwarda Heila 9/52
30-654 Kraków

NIP: 678-310-59-25

Ul. Św. Leonarda 1/8

25-311 Kielce
NIP: 657-291-71-22

Str. Eugeniu Carada, Nr.5-7
Bloc A, Sc.1, Ap.9
030057 București

Nr. Reg. Com. J40/8519/2015

C.U.I. 34763465