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One of our specialists will contact you shortly and provide you with more details about Angloville’s sponsored cultural exchange opportunities. As a preparation for this conversation, please make sure you have read how our programmes work.

To be eligible to participate on our programmes, you will eventually have to fill in a full application, which will require cca 5 minutes.

Here's what Angloville offers you

Free Accommodation

Visit the most beautiful regions of Europe, from Malta through Italy and Poland to England

Human Connections

Meet and learn from cool folks from all around world


Become a TEFL-qualified English teacher using our Anglo-TEFL Scholarship

Great Memories

Lasting friendships from a variety of countries and cultures, and memories for a lifetime

Why do our Mentors like Angloville

This was a really great experience for me. I got to meet a lot of new people and made some long lasting friendships with people I may not have normally met in my travels. I was also able to pick up some new teaching techniques from the program which greatly enhanced my teaching. I would definitely do ANGLOVILLE again in the future!

thumb Cece A.
6 January 2022

A well organised and well-run programme. Teachers without much experience are given plenty of materials etc to help them; those of us with a bit more experience are left to run lessons more as we and the students prefer. Accommodation and food was good quality throughout; the working day is busy but not overly tiring. My only regret is that the draconian travel regulations now in force across Europe mean it will be unlikely for me to take part in another programme in the foreseeable future.

thumb Londonfogey
6 January 2022

Angloville has designed an excellent program for people to volunteer and participate in as a language mentor. I had an incredibly awesome time, meeting new people, earning a TEFL certificate through their Angloville Scholarship Program with Premier TEFL, and having the opportunity to add this invaluable experience (a working holiday); not only to my resume but to my life. It is an excellent program that I would recommend - to anyone.

thumb Kk Mm
13 January 2022