CELTA is the most recognised English teaching qualification in the world, provided by the University of Cambridge. Ideal for beginner and experienced teachers seeking employment with top schools. Required by all most prestigious language centre employers in the world, CELTA is now, and for a limited time, run live online and available from the comfort of your home.

Why get a CELTA?

Global employability

A prestigious qualification issued by the University of Cambridge will help you with your next transition abroad to your dream destination. Italy, Thailand or Argentina? You name it.

Most frequently required ESL teaching qualification in the world

Statistically, 9 out of 10 English language teacher employers require it in England and 7 out of 10 employers worldwide.

Meet people from all corners of the world

CELTA teachers are a community sharing the same interests: a passion for teaching, sharing their culture and travelling.

Why are CELTA & Angloville references on the ESL certifications market?

Key benefits

What you can expect

What is CELTA?

The CELTA course introduces practising and aspiring teachers to the fundamental basis of effective teaching and gives trainees a scope of pedagogical techniques and real-life practical experience. CELTA students gain teaching observation experience and the teaching practice from highly qualified & experienced teachers accredited by the University of Cambridge


Due to the practice-oriented nature of the course, you will be quickly able to apply your newly-gained knowledge and effective teaching skills to novice and advanced English learners (adult and young learners).

The CELTA programme is an intensive experience and typically runs over 4 weeks with six-hour days and self-study time at home, including lesson planning for the teaching practice and several written assignments.  A part-time training option is also available (14-17 weeks). Both English native speakers and non-native speakers with fluency are eligible to enrol

CELTA courses are run online until June 2021. The qualification is exactly the same as the one traditionally taught face-to-face. That means all the savings on travel and extra accommodation –  that you would normally have to incur – stay in your pocket. There has never been a better time to become CELTA-qualified! 

About our CELTA training Partner Institute

The CELTA course is delivered to you thanks to the partnership with ITTC (International Teaching And Training Center), one of UK’s largest teacher training centres, and fully accredited by the University of Cambridge.  Established in 1984,  ITTC is known for its high-quality standards and small tutor to student ratio, which results in a 98% pass rate.

Course details

120-hour live course with CELTA tutors

  • Live instruction by tutors accredited by the University of Cambridge
  • Tutorial support and consultation
  • 6 hours of observing lessons taught by experienced ELT professionals 
  • 80 additional learning hours for pre-course preparation, reading, research, assignment writing, lesson preparation, etc
  • Online full-time training (4 weeks)
  • Online part-time training  (14-17 weeks)
  • 6 trainees maximum per group
  • 1:6 ratio. 1 CELTA tutor for 6 trainees
  • Lesson planning guidance
  • 6 hours of real-life teaching practice
  • Reflection and feedback sessions
  • Language analysis and awareness
  • Language skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing
  • Advanced teaching skills and professionalism
  • Written assessment 
  • Assessed teaching practice
  • Age 18+
  • Proficient English language user (CEFR Level high C1 or above)

Graduated to the standard required for entry into higher education

  • 23 February – 1 June 2022

  • 7 September – 14 December 2022

Our CELTA Formula & pricing

Angloville and ITTC offer 100% online CELTA courses, starting every month until June 2021, with 4, 5, 14 & 17-week options. 

The course we offer is very practical and from the start you’ll be teaching real overseas English learners on Zoom. It’s a really gratifying experience and, although it asks a lot of personal investment, your tutors will always supervise you, providing guidance and support.



Application process


The CELTA course is real professional training which offers real job opportunities once you’re graduated. Another plus is that CELTA trainees are not asked to be English native speakers, however, it requires time and energy investment. 

Our course is ideal for:  

  • Mentors starting a new teaching career
  • Experienced teachers who want to extend their skills
  • Teachers who want to travel and teach English


  • Age 18+
  • Standard of education equivalent to that required for entry into higher education
  • English good enough to teach at a range of levels? (Minimum CEFR Level high C1 or above.)

Most of our Angloville Mentors have chosen to take the CELTA course because they are very interested in pursuing a career which allows them to travel and meet people. Teaching English to others while travelling and making a living. CELTA helps skyrocket the teacher’s employability. It could help you make a transition abroad to your dream country: why not Italy, Thailand or Argentina? 

The CELTA course will allow you to work in another country and experience another way of life. You can extend your travels to dozens of countries where high qualified English teachers are in demand. Immersing yourself in another culture is not only a lot of fun but it’s also a good formative experience that employers worldwide value.

Some of the aspects that were key decision-making points for successful CELTA alumni who now teach around the world: 

  1. The most widely recognised ESL teaching qualification in the world: Considered the best preparation for English teaching by employers across the world. 
  2. Teach anywhere across the globe: Italy, China, Thailand or Argentina, just pick a destination! Freedom of location with the globally recognized qualification. 
  3. University of Cambridge Accredited Qualification: Our CELTA is accredited by Cambridge English Language Assessment, which is part of the prestigious University of Cambridge, in England.
  4. Always required by top international employers: CELTA is the most frequently required qualification in the UK and in the world by language schools. Statistically, 9 out of 10 English language teacher employers require it in England and 7 out of 10 employers worldwide. 
  5. Develop your skills and grow as a mentor: Our training will also develop your soft skills (active listening, negotiation, time management, etc) and training skills (public speaking, presentation, management, etc), which are invaluable assets to all employers across all industries.
  6. Meet people from all corners of the world: CELTA teachers are a community sharing the same interests: a passion for teaching, a passion for sharing their culture and a passion for travelling. You are likely to meet and make some very good friends among your fellow teachers and your local students.
  7. Network and make valuable contacts in the teaching industry: Meeting new CELTA teachers and experienced international teachers is an amazing source of networking possibilities and useful contacts. They will know where to apply, the best schools, what it’s like teaching in different countries and they will share with you professional, educational and travel tips. 
  8. Flexible working roles: Working as a CELTA teacher offers you a lot of flexibility to live your life as you choose. Some teachers like roles paid by the hour so they can choose the number of billable hours and then spend the rest of the time on travelling or on other professional or educational projects. Some others would prefer full-time jobs and have a monthly salary and holiday leaves. 
  9. Career development: The CELTA qualification can lead you beyond the traditional teaching career. You can make your own path and career development: some teaching positions and roles may include new teachers induction & training, school management assistance, international business development, educational materials writing, exams and assessment, and even social media community management & marketing.
  10.  No expiring qualification date: You will be qualified to teach English for the rest of your life. CELTA qualification gives you a life-long employment option that you can take and leave to whatever stage of life you are at.

Angloville and ITTC offer an all-online CELTA course, including teaching practice to real English learners from all across the world. You can take our training from anywhere, from the comfort of your home in 4 or 5 weeks only (full-time course) or in 14 or 17 weeks according to your needs and availability. The online delivery offer is limited to the first half of 2021 only. 

What are the immediate benefits? 

  • Complete training for online and face to face teaching 
  • CELTA course available from all the corners of the world 
  • CELTA courses starting every month 
  • Affordable course fees
  • No relocation expenses 
  • No hidden cost and mastered budget 

All elements of our CELTA course will be delivered online and the qualification itself has exactly the same depth of study and recognition as the face-to-face option.

CELTA courses are run online until June 2021. The qualification is exactly the same as the one traditionally taught face-to-face. That means all the savings on travel and extra accommodation –  that you would normally have to incur – stay in your pocket. There has never been a better time to become CELTA-qualified!  

Created in 1984 and based in Bournemouth (England), ITTC has always been involved in the development and piloting of the University of Cambridge teaching qualifications, such as the CELTA and Delta.

ITTC has a 98% pass rate due to the unique level of support they provide and over 36 years of teacher training experience. With a couple of hundred alumni annually, the centre has received an average recommendation rating of 4.6 on specialized educational portals.


  1. Why do I have to pay a deposit before the interview?
  2. General refund policy of the course
  3. What can I do after obtaining my CELTA qualification? 

What exactly can you do with a CELTA qualification? Teaching English is the most common thing to do after completing the CELTA course. You can cooperate with an international language school and teach English in a classroom in Europe, Asia or South America. Check our paid positions here. 


You may also be interested in teaching private lessons and work as a freelancer. This is particularly motivating and rewarding, especially if you like to be your own boss. Why not also teaching online and travelling the world? 


All these roles will help you to quickly build up a strong teaching experience in order to attract future prestigious employers in the countries you want to live in.


There’s a range of additional roles you may be interested in such as: 

  • Volunteering abroad for holidays 
  • Work in publishing (both freelance and full time)
  • Taking the DELTA course
  • Becoming a teacher trainer
  • Opening a language school