Check out 5 fantastic European destinations where you can stay for free with Angloville

Sometimes we have everything in life but still, there is something missing.   We are so bored doing the same monotonous routine every single day, whether it is taking care of the home as a homemaker or taking care of the job requirements as an employee. 

There is only one way to solve this frustration before we turn into couch potatoes. 

Break the monotony. Travel with Angloville.

1. Hungary

Discover Budapest. There is no more breathtaking experience than having a 38° outdoor bath while watching the snow falling over Budapest. The mix of architectural styles, traditional cuisines, bars, parties and thermal baths are must-see and do assets of the capital.

2. Malta

Lija, La Valetta, Gozo Islands, and Malta are mostly known for their amazing architecture and their breath-taking beaches. The cities are proud of their old houses full of character and large citrus gardens. Not to mention the beautiful beaches and the deep-blue sea.

3. Poland

Authentic, traditional and in the meantime avant-garde, Poland has so much much to offer: Krakow, Poznan, Wroclaw, Warsaw and many more historical cities you don’t want to miss. 

Explore Krakow, Warsaw, Poznan, Gdansk, Wroclaw and many nore this summer!

4. Greece

Young, vibrant and offering plenty of entertainment opportunities, Greece is more than just forgotten clifftop settlements, architectural ruins, or whitewashed homes and tiny chapels. Come and explore Greece with Angloville while making international friends!

5. Baltic Sea

Do you want to explore Europe and make new international friends? Together, we will discover 4 amazing cities while turning the Baltic sea into our playground during a 6-day adventure and tour.

Learn why Riga is filled with charm and character, why Stockholm is called the Venice of the North, and what makes Helsinki unique. What about Tallinn in Estonia?