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Your menu for Polish dinner

Your menu for Polish dinner

Food is always a very important aspect of experiencing the country you visit. Both regional and national dishes transfer the history, culture and climate of certain countries. If you feel exctied while visiting Polish restaurant and you don’t know which dishes are worth choosing from the menu, this article may be very useful for you. Here you will find an appetizer, soup, main dish and the dessert that are really tasty, nutritious and they will also let you experience Polish culture through food.

Smalec sandwich with pickled cucumber

Smalec is actually a dish made of rendered pork fat with onions and spices. It should be served spread on fresh bread and topped with pickles, the most popular is pickled sour cucumber. The smalec sandwiches are the most popular in mountain regions of the country, however, it is possible to find them in restaurants in other parts of Poland. Of course everyone has his or her own way of seasoning (you may find some versions with for example apples or wild garlic) smalec but the general recipe is fairly easy to prepare.


Żurek is a famous and traditional Polish soup. If you try it once you will not mistake this characteristic taste with nothing else. Żurek’s distinctive sour flavours come from sour leavening, or the fermented bread and rye flour. The soup also contains hard boiled eggs, sausages, bacon, vegetables (usually potatoes and mushrooms) and some freshly grated horseradish.

Mielony (pork chop)

The Polish version of ‘burger’, kotlet mielony (mielony pork chop), is actually breaded ground pork meat with soaked bread, eggs, and a variety of herbs and spices. Mielony is shaped into flattened oval burgers and then pan-fried until they are golden brown and crispy on the outside.

Mielony is usually served with boiled or mashed potatoes and fresh or pickled salads.

Placki ziemniaczane (potato pancakes)

Placki ziemniaczane are basically potato pancakes prepared from grated potatoes and onions with eggs, flour, as well as herbs and spices like crushed garlic, parsley. Potato pancakes are fried in shallow oil until they are golden brown and crispy. They are usually served with mushroom sauce or meat and gravy sauce but you can also eat them just with sour cream and even with sugar.


Wuzetka is a Polish chocolate cake with cream. It is made of two layers of delicate chocolate sponge and cream in between. It is usually topped with whipped cream and sometimes there is also jam and marmalade added to the cake. Its name comes from ‘Warsaw W-Z Route’. The first cake shop that offered this dessert, in the 1940s, was actually located on this route.

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