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Why we love backpackers and why backpackers love us

Why we love backpackers and why backpackers love us

At our Angloville programs we gather volunteers from all over the world and from all walks of life!

A large number of our volunteers are travellers backpacking around Europe and coming to Angloville to add to their experience and cv while they travel, now that’s smart backpacking!

Angloville appeals to these travellers as they’re travelling with intentions of meeting open minded people and immersing themselves in new cultures. We find these volunteers have many stories to share and a keenness to listen, this is great for our clients who might not have many opportunities in their everyday life to have extensive intricate discussions in English.

For Some of you First Time Travellers, We Have Some Tips!

  • Print relevant documents or screenshot them just in case you don’t have access to WIFI the documents will be saved in your gallery! Or both, just to be safe!
  • Once you choose which country you’d like to visit in our programs try learning a couple of keywords, like ‘Hello’ and ‘Thank you’, locals will always appreciate the effort even if the pronunciation is iffy. You’re coming to Angloville to teach English, but who says you can’t learn some new phrases while you’re here!
  • Learn from the locals! During your time at Angloville you have the perfect opportunity to get great recommendations from local people on where to eat and what to do!
  • Cultural awareness. This is a characteristic that is definitely required during our programs, but it’s also a key feature to have when travelling to different countries. You’ll come across lots of customs very different to your own so it’s important to keep that mind wide open ?
  • Take pictures. We know you want to blend in but, you also want to remember these times for the rest of your life! So if the mood strikes smile and take the picture.
  • Preparation is key.  Planning is smart but it’s okay to leave room for spontaneity. We realize the oxymoron in place in this tip but it’s good to be prepared for anything that happens including a change of route or destination, Stay woke!
  • Ask us! If you have any questions related to the programs, destinations, venues, schedule structure, meeting points don’t hesitate to contact the Angloville team. When you complete the application process, we will send you a detailed information pack, however follow up questions are always answered swiftly!
  • Stay Positive. We know travelling can be stressful at times so it’s important to try and make the most of the situations you come across. One day you’ll look back and find that the unexpected inconveniences were the funniest and most memorable moments of your travels.

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