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Poland off the Beaten Path: Wroclaw

Poland off the Beaten Path: Wroclaw

Poland is a highly underrated destination for travellers that offers a little something for everyone; whether you’re looking for picturesque countrysides, modern cities full of history or idyllic seasides. Home to 16 UNESCO World Heritage sites and a rich cultural history, Poland offers its visitors a truly unique and safe experience. In this series, we’ll look at 5 of Poland’s top destinations and give you tips on how to make the most of your visit to this beautiful country. Today, let’s wander through Wroclaw.

Originally a part of Germany, Wroclaw was nearly destroyed during WWII. Today it is one Poland’s most multicultural and bustling cities, as well as holding the title of the fourth largest city in the country. Wroclaw is very unique when compared to other Polish destinations, mainly for the fact that it is known as ‘The Venice of the North’, which is due to the city’s composition. It is made up of 12 islands connected by roughly 130 bridges. So if unique architecture, a rich history and a unique city appeals to you, Wroclaw won’t disappoint. Would you like to visit Wroclaw for free? Find out how, here.



Wroclaw airport is conveniently located nearby to the city centre, making it super convenient for travellers. Airlines such as RyanAir and Wizz Air, offer regular direct flights here.


There are plenty of nice spots for your stay whilst in Wroclaw. You can’t grow staying around the old town, however other areas to consider are Stare Miasto or Srodmiescie which are both quite central. If you’d like to stay slightly further out, which will be more affordable, you could consider Krzyki or Psie Pole. There are a number of Air BnB’s throughout the city and some great hostels too.

With so much to do in Wroclaw, here are our top 5 popular and lesser known things to do:


Now this may be a given when exploring a new city, but you want to keep yours peeled in a city like Wroclaw. Aside from the stunning architecture that you’ll no doubt be taking in, be sure to keep a look out for the dwarves, or gnomes, scattered throughout the city. The dwarves originally made an appearance out of protest against communism and disappeared. Today, they’ve made a strong resurgence with over 350 dwarves hidden throughout the city to delight tourists and locals. How many can you discover?



Known as the ‘Venice of the North’, Wroclaw is a network of islands connected by multiple bridges. So, pack your walking shoes and get exploring! Riverside parks and boats are excellent stops for a drink in the sun. We recommend starting in the old town and making your way out from there – the market square is beautiful and be sure to visit Cathedral Island.


Wroclaw is home to a truly unique masterpiece. Standing at 15m’s tall and stretching 114, the Panorama Racławicka is truly something to behold. The 19th century panoramic artwork depicts the battle of Racławicka and is immersive, it has a dedicated room all to itself. Make some time for this one, you won’t regret it!


Wroclaw is a multicultural hub in Poland. This is evident in its architecture, its culture and the welcoming attitude of its people. This is exemplified in the District of  Four Denominations and Mutual Respect. You’ll find a Synagogue, Roman Catholic Church, Evangelical and Orthodox Church all within a short distance of each other. This sums up the spirit of acceptance in this beautiful city.


Who doesn’t love a good bit of folklore? The Penitential Bridge, according to legend, is known as ‘Witches Bridge’. The story goes that the bridge is haunted by the spirits of young girls who were too reckless in their lives and left getting married till it was too late so now they can’t go to heaven. But, come for the story, stay for the view. Found at the top of St. Mary Magdalene Church, Witches bridge offers the best view of the city!

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