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Poland off the Beaten Path: Katowice

Poland off the Beaten Path: Katowice

Poland is a highly underrated destination for travellers that offers a little something for everyone; whether you’re looking for picturesque countrysides, modern cities full of history or idyllic seasides. Home to 16 UNESCO World Heritage sites and a rich cultural history, Poland offers its visitors a truly unique and safe experience. In this series, we’ll look at 5 of Poland’s top destinations and give you tips on how to make the most of your visit to this beautiful country. Today, find out the best things to do in Katowice.

Like most cities in Poland, Katowice has had a troubled and long history, thanks to events of the second world war. However, the city flourished after an industrial boom in the 19th century and expanded to its large size today! Unlike other Polish destinations, Katowice isn’t known for its architecture. The industrial era led to building for purpose, rather than grandeur, as thousands of Ploish miners needed somewhere to live. These buildings, which are still standing today, are an excellently preserved window into the city’s past. Don’t let this fool you though, Katowice is home to many modern attractions that make it well worth a visit. Museums, breweries and a newly emerging art and music scene are all part of Katowice’s emergence as a cultural hub!

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Katowice international airport is conveniently located 30kms from the city centre. Airlines such as WizzAir offer regular flights here.


We highly recommend staying in the heart of Katowice to be as close as possible to the action. There are numerous high end and budget hotels on offer, along with numerous air bnbs located throughout the city.

With so much to do see in Katowice, here are our top 5 popular and lesser known things to do:


For thrillseekers, there’s no better place than Legendia Amusement Park. Holding the title of Poland’s largest amusement park, Legendia is home to over 40 rides and is located in the massive Silesia Park. The park is also home to a Dinosaur Valley, Petting Zoo, Rope adventure course, Miniature Railway, Sculpture park and scenic gardens.


The historic mining neighbourhood of Nikiszowiec, constructed between 1908 and 1924, is a truly unique place. This maze of red brick homes is actually a self contained miniature city, complete with cathedral, tavern, bakery, and kindergarten. Get lost in the network of corridors and courtyards where mining families still reside today. It’s also a popular shooting location for movies!


Ulica Mariacka, or St Mary’s Street, is the beating heart of Katowice. Making your way along this pedestrianised area, you’ll find great bars, cafes, restaurants and nightclubs. Katowice was also recently declared a Unesco city of Music, thanks to its vibrant live music scene (one of the best in Poland). Within the area surrounding St Mary’s street, you’ll find great venues and amazing street art that has emerged from the city’s political history.


A European city wouldn’t be complete without a cathedral, and the Christ the King Cathedral in Katowice is truly something to behold. As the largest cathedral in Poland, it’s impressive in its own right but one thing that sets this cathedral apart is its modest design.


On the subject of architecture, Katowice is home to some truly unique structures. As a result of numerous changes in power, many spots in Katowice resemble days gone by. However, this has also allowed for other architects to really push to a future design frontier – perhaps even the final frontier! (sorry, we had to). The Spodek, which is Polish for ‘Saucer’, was the largest indoor arena until 2014. Visit this structure in the evening to see it lit up with colorful lights!

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